Written by Greg

4 Nov 2009

When I was 22 and a recently qualified engineer I worked in Germany for about 2 years I had recently married Jane who was 18, the daughter of friends of my parents. Jane had a sheltered upbringing, an only child. I was deemed a suitable match for her, who could be relied upon to look after her. We'd been going out together for about 12 months before I even got my hand inside her knickers, and she only let me fuck her once we were engaged and then with the lights out she was so shy.

In Germany, most Saturday nights about 15 us younger lads would hit the town which meant beer and usually ended up at some club where the waitresses were scantily clothed or nude and with live sex shows. After about 3 months I found a flat and Jane was able to join me. I'd been faithful so when she arrived it was sex at every opportunity and she had started to relax a little although strictly missionary. On Saturdays I would still go out with the lads which after a few months resulted in our first argument. I worked, went out, she didn't know anyone,she was bored. I missed the next Saturday and the following one she asked if I was going, I said I wouldn't mind and she said OK but I want to come with you. I tried to change her mind but she insisted. We met up and after a few beers headed for one of the sex shows. She hesitated and I thought she'd bottle it, but no. Inside she couldn't really believe what she saw, the naked women walking amongst the customers, men and women on stage having sex in various positions but she was couldn't take her eyes off the things going on. That night when we got home I undressed her, her cunt was absolutely soaking she practically dragged me into bed and almost as soon as I penetrated her she came.

She talked about the club and how sexily some of the women customers were dressed, I didn't tell her they were probably on the game. She dressed smartly but in clothes to old for her 18 years. She said that she wanted to go to the club sexily dressed and could we go and buy her some clothes.

I took an afternoon off and together we selected an outfit for her to wear.

By the Saturday night she was having second thoughts, but eventually she was persuaded. She went into the bathroom and shaved her legs and under her arms. As she went to put the razor away I said "Haven't you forgotten something, shave your pussy, like the women we saw" She soaped her self and soon removed all the hair standing front of the mirror she admired the effect cupping her breasts as she did. I watched as she dressed, suspender belt, stockings, half cup bra, as she bent for the panties I took them off her and told not wear any. She had bought a white stretch lace dress and when she put it on it moulded to her body. I could see her dark nipples poking through and framed by her suspenders her shaved pussy.

She put a coat on to leave the flat and met up with my friends, but it was a warm night and by the time we got to the first beer bar she had taken it of and was revelling in all the attention. We made our way to a club and got separated when I fetched drinks. I eventually saw her talking to some bloke, I stopped when I noticed he had lifted the back of her dress and had his hand between her legs. She was moving up and down as he finger fucked her. She'd had a bit to drink, and as I joined them she was close to cumming and said "This is Hans he's got his fingers in my cunt". She came and he offered her his fingers and she licked her juices of them. We settled to watch the live show and I ran my hand up her thigh to her pussy, there was already a hand there, Jeff had 2 fingers in her but she spread her legs a little and I pushed my fingers in as well. By now it must have about 1am and we decided to go home but she insisted my friends come for some beers. We ended up with about 14 mates at the flat and Jane went to fetch beer from the fridge. She came back and had removed her dress and bra and just handed out the beers She didn't care that they could all see her cunt and that it was soaking wet, the lips parted, her nipples rock hard. She was on heat. Music was on and she danced with us all her tits were sucked and finger pushed into her until one unzipped his jeans got his cock out lifted her up and started to fuck her as she wrapped her arms round his neck. That was it, there was a race for us all to join in there were 15 naked blokes all with erections and Jane. As soon as the first came in her she was taken by another and a prick was pushed against her mouth which she opened and gave him head. No sooner had one cock cum in her pussy or mouth it was replaced by another. We all fucked her at least once and some 2 or 3 times and Jane just came time after time. It was almost light when we finished and most went home except for three. In the morning I woke and Jane was being fucked again. She was sucking one bloke and was on top of another who had his cock on her cunt. The third was standing behind her and slid his prick in to her pussy as well. As he did her cunt stretched and she came. They finally all came in her and just lay on the floor exhausted as Jane sat up with a satisfied smile. We left them there and fucked on our bed.

Once her sexual desires had been awoken there was no stopping her. We had friends round the flat most weekends and she would regularly be fucked by 5 or 6 cocks in one night. This continued until we returned to the UK 18 months later and occasionally after.