Written by Bob

10 Jul 2009

Well if you read about Jayne in out outdoor adventure this is what happened when we got home.

We headded for the shower and got cleaned up. She put on a baby doll outfit and I ordered pizza for delivery. The money for dinner was tucked in between her tits. The plan was to flash the young delivery boy. The bell rang the the wheels were in motion.

Jayne answered the door in her costume. The deliveery boys jaw nearly hit the floof. Jayne proceeded to pay for the pizza and flashed and fondled her tits as a tip. He had growing bulge in his pants. I was watching her tease the poor youth and had to step in. I told her she could not let him leave in such a state and ordered her to wank him off. I put the pizza on the table as she took his cock out and rubbed it between her tits. He came over her tits in a matter of minutes. Jayne sucked and licked him clean put his cock away like a good girl and kissed him goodbye.

Dinner was sevred by Jayne with the cum coverd tits still out for my enjoyment.