Written by Bob

10 Jul 2009

About 25 years ago I dated Jayne. She was about 4'10" tall, medium build and perky B cups. In the summer we would head to Hines park. She wore a one piece bathing suit that did not reveal much at all. I choose a spot near the top of a hill with woods behind us and baseball fields to the left. With a little coaxing I got Jayne to lower half of her suit to get a tan on her milky white breasts. We were in a shallow dip in the hill so she would not be seen by others.

About an hour later the ballfield had some players. I was sucking on Jaynes tits while fingering her. She was getting hot and slid off her suit while laying on her back. Taking my time licking her pussy hold back the hair with my hands. It was not long before she was ready for sex. So I slipped out of my shorts and got on top. I went in bareback and fucked her slow untill she came. She rolled over and I went it from behind she was now able to see the ballplayers. She want to stop and cover but I increased my pace untill I came inside her. We both laid on our back s out of site of the guys. Jayne tried to slip back in her suit but could not do it while on her back. She stood up facing the the ballfield nude and pulled up her suit her tits were on display for the ballplayers as she got the straps over her shoulders and soon covered up.

To get to my car we had to walk past the guys playing ball. She heard a comment about her tits about being too far away to see them and proceeded to flash the guys. The top came down and she was fondling them for guys enjoyment. I opened the car door for her and she got in and rode home topless.