Written by jayne

14 Jul 2012

Hello I wasn't planning on writing so soon but after such lovely comments thought I would tell a nice one.

This was after I had been shagging my gardener Mike for a few months ,I had let slip it was my birthday that weekend and he couldn't come round as hubby was taking me out

On the Thursday there was a knock on the door and it was Mike ,Hi lady Jayne can I come in of course I reply .I head towards the kitchen and he grabs my hand upstairs please he smiles.I look at him and he says I'm going to miss you Saturday can I give you my present early .I smile and walk up the stairs not noticing that he put the door on the latch.

Mile follows me in the bedroom and starts to kiss my neck while undoing my blouse I feel my self going damp and wonder as always why this 19 year old gets me hot so quick .He pushes me chest down onto the bed and pulls my skirt down followed by my knickers ,he reaches into my drawers and pulls out the ky .He works it round my bum hole and slowly starts to get his fingers in I push back as I feel his cock touch my ass and gasps as he pushes it in and starts up a furious pace.

Soon I feel my self coming and it is with dismay I feel him stopping don't you dare you bastard I hiss ,relax its all good he says I notice the bedroom door opening and horror hits me as I think of my hubby catching me in this position.as it opens 2 young men appear one black one white .what who I stutter as they stand there while I am being ducked up the ass .Relax lady Jane this is your present Mike says as the 2 lads undress .I watch in shock as 2 of the biggest cocks I have seen spring into life .

Lady Jane meet tony and bill ,hi I say as they walk over and a big black cock is put in my mouth ,that is tony Mike laughs and starts fucking my ass again .God I was in heaven and start to wank of bills rather impressive cock its not long but the girth it was like my arm .After a couple of minutes bill moves my hand and lies next to me on the bed ok lads she ready I think he says..Both the lads stop and tell me to fuck Bill I lower my self on and the feeling as he fill my pussy was immense.

I slowly start to move up and down on this monster cock and feel my juices flowing is that good lady Jane ask mike ,oh god yes I reply excellent he says coming up behind me bend forwards for me .I lean forwards as he pushes his cock against my ass ,oh god what a feeling as he enters me its like the 2 cocks are touching inside I just stasrt to scream as the feeling intensify ,next second Tony puts hos cock iny mouth and starts to fuck it slowly.all of a sudden I have the biggest orgasm of my life I think I might even of passed out briefly .

When I came round the lads were all shaking hands and grinning Happy birthday lady Jane they said .well needless to say thatwad repeated a few more times.

Hope you enjoyed Jayne