27 Jul 2019

Following on from our earlier successful meeting, Jayne commented that her only regret was that he wasn't slightly bigger in the cock dept...This was music to my ears since I longed to watch her being fucked by some well endowed young buck. A couple of weeks later we met up again for an evening of fun, and as usual her cuck husband dropped her off, before going home to wait to be called to collect her. She looked as hot and sexy as always in a fitted jersey dress, stockings and heels. We had a couple of drinks and discussed the previous guest and she got very horny as she recalled the evening and I told her how horny it was seeing her with younger guys and sharing her before sending her home, well used, to cuck. I stroked her legs under the table and she asked if I had arranged company that evening...I told her to wait and see, and asked if she would be happy if I had...she said "God yes" and simultaneously parted her legs, allowing me to lightly rub her pussy through her lacy black panties. We had purposely sat in such a position to allow some sexual contact and she soon got very wet and I pulled her knickers to one side and slipped one then two fingers inside her, whilst maintaining an air of normality and chatting....her pussy lips squeezed my fingers as she spoke and as I massaged her inner lips and rubbed her clit she actually reached an orgasm and tensed up, biting her lip as she came....I messaged cuck to tell him I had just made his wife cum in the bar and was now licking her fingers. We then decided to head upstairs and I messaged James who I had arranged to join us, that he was in for a good time since she was horny as hell and had just cum as I'd fingered her in the bar!

James had been selected due to being a well mannered and smart professional guy with a genuine 9in thick cock.... I looked forward to seeing her face when she first saw it and knew he'd be blown away despite her being over 20yrs his senior. We went in the lift and kissed, my hand feeling her bare arse cheeks under her dress as we headed to the room. We stepped inside and started to kiss, I kissed her neck and whispered that we would be joined by a well endowed young man and that I'd told him what a dirty little slut she was...this always turned her on since her day to day life was one of classy, smart professional normality....she loved being able to express her inner slut behind closed doors.... I lay her on the bed and pulled her dress up and went down on her, licking and fingering her pussy and taking her to the edge, but leaving her wanting. I then undid my trousers and told her to suck my cock which she did so well. I then messaged James the room number and told her to sit in the chair and that she would have to let us both watch her masturbate... James arrived and we shook hands, he was clean smart and polite and we sat on the small sofa facing Jayne in the chair opposite. She went into slut mode and lifted her dress revealing her stockings and suspenders, before rubbing herself...he was suitably impressed and mesmerised as I went over and started feeling her up as he watched. I handed her the rabbit which she started to use on herself. I was stroking and feeling her as he watched, clearly sporting a major bulge in his trousers...I suggested he might like to get his cock out and she looked on in delight as his long this erect cock appeared in sight...She asked if she could touch it and I said she had to wait...this made her even hornier, and I said perhaps James would like to taste her sticky fingers. She stood before him and fingered her wet hole before letting him eagerly suck them. This was very erotic and continued as he slowly wanked his cock inches from her, and I ran my fingers up her stockinged thighs. I took her dress off and she stood in her lingerie, before him, I started sucking her nipple and suggested James took the second one... his cock was in reach but I told her she could not hold it, both our erections brushed against her as we sucked her hard nipples and felt her legs and wet panties. We then lay her on the bed and James devoured her pussy, skilfully but firmly licking and sucking her smooth pussy as I positioned my cock within reach of her mouth. She was wild with excitement as she got licked and fingered whilst sucking my cock. I messaged her husband to tell him she was being pleasured by us both and would soon have 9 ins of cock inside her... She climaxed loudly and begged me to let her feel James' cock....I smiled and told her that now she could. He stood up sporting a very impressive erection and she took it in her hand, gently rubbing and marvelling at his length and girth. She then took him in her mouth and he moaned with pleasure as he enjoyed her skilful oral attention. She purred as she stroked and sucked his huge cock, only stopping to admire it and tell him how lovely it was. Her pussy is tight and she told him to be gentle...our earlier attention made sure that lubrication was not an issue and she told him she'd like to straddle him in order to slowly take him in.... He covered up and sat on the sofa, and she eagerly straddled him, I have to admit it was an amazing sight to watch her in her black stockings and heels as she reached to guide his 9 inches into her....She started by taking the first 2-3 inches in, moaning and repeating "fucking hell, you're big" as his cock opened her up and went a bit deeper each time. In no time she had all 9 inches inside her and started to really enjoy her biggest cock to date. She rode him as I played with her breasts and nipples and told her how amazing it was seeing his cock disappear inside her. I then suggested moving to the bed and she repositioned herself before pushing down hard and taking him in one movement. I stood over him and she took my cock in hand and started sucking me as she ground her pussy on his rock hard member. She then leant forward and kissed him as he fucked her hard and fast as I teased and fingered her bum until she climaxed loudly, begging him to cum...he obliged and went into spasm as he exploded inside her pussy. She kept slowly fucking him as his cock lost its hardness and he finally withdrew.

We then kissed and I played with her as he lay and watched... I am not badly endowed myself with 7ins and good girth, but nothing in comparison with James. I bent her over and had a few thrusts inside her as she kissed James. I then suggested she should sit on his face and let him lick her out. I sat back watching and in no time his cock was stirring. He started wanking himself as he eagerly licked her pussy and in a couple of minutes was back to full erection. She was facing away and didn't realise, lost in the ecstasy of being licked and touched. She climaxed over James face, as he licked her and he told her to get on all fours since he wanted to fuck her again. He slid into her soaking pussy and she gasped as he filled her up, holding her hips as she took his cock, looking amazing in just her stockings suspenders and heels. I positioned myself at her mouth and we spitroast her, I held back, wanting to save my load for her pussy after James had finished. She pushed back onto his cock her tight pussy now fully accommodating his 9 inches and she encouraged him to fuck her harder...I recorded a clip of her doing this and then muffled sounds of her sucking my cock as she got royally fucked...I sent these to cuck with a smile....he would be at home playing with his little cock as his lovely wife was being spitroast. I then told James I wanted her pussy and he withdrew, removed the condom and we swapped places. I slid my bare cock into her gorgeous smooth pussy which she happily teased and sucked his lovely cock. She moaned as I fucked her and she gagged on his cock...I told her we would both soon cum and she could swallow James' load. He loved her oral skills and said he was close as she caressed his balls. I was fast approaching the point of no return and as he let out a gasp and held her head, pumping his second load into her mouth, It tipped me over the edge and I released min into her tight pussy, I don't recall ever cumming so hard and kept shooting my semen into her. She finally lay back exhausted and we she gently rubbed my leaking cum into her smooth pussy. She thanked us both for an amazing evening and I sent a photo of her pussy with my cum leaking out to her cuck and told him to be in the carpark in an hour.

James thanked us and got dressed to leave, and Jayne and I lay talking and touching, until I was hard enough to fuck her again.... this time with her knickers back on so that she could go home with a cum filled pussy for cuck to lick out of her!