Written by Jellysbaby

24 Aug 2009

Last Saturday Mr Jelly(Stu) and I visited Cupids in Manchester. We have never been there before and I have only visited one club before, I must admit I was a little apprehensive as Im actually rather a shy girl really.

We were sat on a sofa just looking the other couples, I was paying particular interest in the ladies and to be honest no one really took my fancy and we were beginning to think we would have no fun!!

We moved on into the couples room where there were 15 people in there (yep one lucky single guy!!!!). I got very turned on watching all the other people fucking, licking and sucking the gasps and the moans making me so horny.Stu sat in a chair in the corner so we could get a good view of the whole room. I got on my knees in and took Stu's lovely big cock in my mouth,watched by the couple next to us. I love to suck his cock and i took it deep in my mouth and he held my hair and shoved his cock deeper in my mouth and made sure i took it all,licking and sucking his balls until Stu shot his cum all over my face and I wiped it away with my fingers and licked them clean.

I then sat on Stu's lap, he told me to take my knickers off and he hitched up my little black dress so everyone could see my pussy. I loved watching the couple next to us fucking while Stu played with my pussy he was really fucking her hard, she was a pretty petite brunette, just how i like them!! and I could see the guy looking at my pussy while Stu fingered me. I leaned back against Stu loving the feel of his huge hands on my little clit and nipples then I gasped as I suddenly felt a tongue on my pussy, mmm it was her!! She licked at my pussy while I lowered myself onto Stu's cock I kept taking Stu's cock out of my pussy and putting it in her mouth so she could lick my juices from his cock,while her partner was fucking her from behind. He fucked her so hard ramming her face into my pussy as she sucked on my clit with Stu,s cock deep in my pussy, then he pulled out and came all over her arse.

We then swapped round and i sat her in the chair and buried my face in her dripping, wet just fucked pussy while i wanked off Stu and her fella who were each side of the chair. I couldnt bear it any longer thought i was dying to taste this guys cock. So I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep while she sucked Stu's cock and I fingered her wet pussy. Next thing I know Stu has cum all over her face and in her mouth, she had his cum all over her face, so I clean her up and licked it off and kissed her with her mouth still full of his cum...... more to follow