Written by Jenny

22 Apr 2009

I'm feeling really horny and thought I'd tell you about the 3rd time i see Roger.

I was laying in bed late at night and had just dropped off to sleep, when my mobile phone bleeped with a text mesage, lucky I wasn't with my boyfriend at the time as it was Roger!

"I want u at mone 2mora 8pm. Wearing white shirt, short skirt, stockings + boots. dont wear ne nix or bra"

I text back asking how he was but recieved no answer back.

The next night as i was getting ready i felt a tingle of excitment as I got dressed just as he had told me to, then put on a pair of jeans over the top and a jacket so my dad wouldn't see me dressed like a slut!

I drove over to his place and parking space near his flat and took off my jeans and jacket, checked my lip stick in the mirror and played with my hair before getting out and trying to get in before anyone see me!

Walking up the stairs and finding door number 3 i was feeling nervous and my chest felt tight with nerves!

I knocked on the door and found it ajar, "In here i heard him shout" so in i went, shutting the door behind me, walked into the living room to find Roger and to my surprise 2 of his mates also sitting there drinking beer and all ogling me with smiles on there faces! I dont know how much they had, had to drink but R looked very pleased with himself when he said to his 2 friends "thisis my little whore, what do you think?" Feeling very self consious now of how I was dressed I just stood there quiet! "very nice"they both mumbled, now let me tell you about these 2 guys, they wasn't my type at all guy number one was well over 20 stone and bald, probally in his 40's, while guy number 2 was much older in his late 60's to early 70's I'd say with grey hair, slim and well over 6' tall.

Roger said " I want you to take off your shirt" I was really nervous now with butterflies in my belly, Then R raised his voice and said "NOW!"

I did as i was told exposing my 32 b tits to these 3 old men! "Now your skirt" he said, I did as I was told, dropping my little pleated skirt to the floor!

Roger now enjoying barking orders and watching me comply said " Now on your fucking knees and suck his cock" pointing towards the fat guy! I was 18 years old and being treated like a complete slag by 3 older men!

Fatty took out his cock and I was surprised to see it was really very small, for such a big guy, probally 2" long circumstized but quite thick, with a huge pair of testicals!

I got on my knees and took it all in my mouth, flicking my tongue over the tip and licking his balls, while fatty just sat there drinking his beer watching!

After a couple of minutes i felt the skinny old man moving my legs apart and feeling between my legs with his fingers, sliding them in and out of my now very wet cunt!

Then with out even knowing it he had his cock right up inside me and was fucking me hard and getting faster and obviously enjoying my pussy by the sounds he was making.

Roger was just watching and drinking his bottle of bud, watching his work friends young daughter performing for him and his 2 mates.

I carried on sucking the tiny little fat cock and felt his nuts start to tighten in my hand and knew he was gonna cum, I took the first stream right down my throat making me gag and I pulled away and took the next jet of hot spunk direct in the face before fatty grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth back onto his tiny little dick and kept spunking for what seemed like ages, making me swallow everything that cum in my mouth!

Just as it was starting to subside I felt the old man who was fucking me grab my tits hard and tight and empty his load deep inside my pussy, staying there for a few seconds while his cock twitched and then went limp, sliding out of me and his grip on my hurting tits loosened and they both pulled up their trousers and thanked Roger "for that" and left.

I was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa looking at R hoping he was now gonna fuck me again, but he just said "Ok you can fuck off now!" Shocked i dressed and left with skinnys spunk running down my leg as i walked back to my car.