Written by jenny34

22 Apr 2009

hi i am jenny i am 34 and recently my hubby wanted me to fuck his mate from work but over the easter holidays we never got to arrange anything so we should be doing it some time soon and i will write about it. but meanwhile i will tell you a story about my first job working in an office when i was 21. i had a boss called bill and he was always looking at me and i did fancy him as i had a thing for older guys he was in his late 40s. one evening i was working late and i was alone with bill and we got chatting. the usual chat began to take place did i have a boyfriend ect.. i said no but i had just finished an affair with my dads freind and he said he could be my replacement. i went red and for the next few weeks we began flirting and then one evening we were alone and he leaned over the desk and kissed me. the next thing i knew he had pulled open my white blouse and i slipped out of my black skirt and he hoisted me up on the table and pulled of my knickers and i lifted my bra up to expose my boobs for him. i open my legs and he undid his trousers and pushed his hard cock into my wet hole. he thrusted his hips and i could feel his lenghth go right into me. it was the biggest cock i had ever had and it felt really hard. i could feel myself coming and i found it hard not to make any noise as i am very loud when i have an orgasm. he made a noise himself as he thrusted into me and askd me if i was on the pill which i was. the next thing i knew i felt his cock twitch inside me and then i felt all of his cum fill me up. he pulled out his cock and his white spunk dripped all down my thigh.he put himself away and i wiped myself up and over the next few months we contined to fuck when ever we got the chance. i used to suck his cock under his desk and sometimes at lunch we would go out in his car and find a nice picnic spot and spend the afternoons there fucking in all positions with no one around. it all eneded when i left my job i did have a few flings after but then i met my future hubby and that ended my sex with other guys, so now he wants me to have sex with his friend so he can watch so now i cant wait, i will write about it if it happens but for now i will leave all of you horny sexy guys to imagine it. have fun luv jenny xxxxxxx