Written by Anonymous

12 Jun 2019

Back in the mid 90s I was labouring for a friend who did garden landscaping & fencing, it was summer & as usual the guy had over booked his work so was dropping me at jobs & coming back in the afternoon to pick me up, I was on this one job, the husband was an ex pro lower league footballer the wife was a care worker / midwife. She was very confident & flirty, she would come home from work at lunchtime & sit in the garden & eat her lunch leaving her amazing legs on show in short skirts, one morning Jill came home from work much earlier, she smiled & said hi & offered me a drink before disappearing indoors, she reappeared 10 mins later in tiny shorts & a bikini top & set herself up for a morning sun bathe, I tried not to stare but given I was a hormonal early 20s lad & she was a sexy mid 40s brunette with a stunning body I struggled. After a few hours I had noticed that Jill had turned on to her tummy & had unclipped her bikini, again I tried not to stare. About 5 mins later Jill looked up & asked if I wanted a cold drink, that would be great I said, Jill sat up showing me her small but lovely tits. She reclipped her bikini & went inside. I was stunned & to be honest now very aroused. She returned a few moments later & handed me a cold drink. As any man would I struggled to keep my eyes facing up & couldn’t help looking her up & down. Jill turned and walked back to her kitchen, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I followed her to her kitchen, at first I thought she knew I was following but as I stepped into her kitchen she jumped, she looked a little shocked so I made out I needed the toilet, I quickly rushed upstairs closed the toilet door behind me, excited panic, should I make a move, have I misread this, is she just a bit flirty? I didn’t know, I knew that I had a raging hard on that I was struggling to hid in my shorts. Sod it, go back down, hope she’d notice the hard on & move on me. I headed back down, adjusting myself as I did, I walked in the kitchen, Jill was standing in the kitchen. She was looking at me as I walked through the kitchen, I stopped, turned & kissed her, she pushed me away, I looked at her, her perfect tits were erect, I kissed her slowly on the neck, she asked me to stop but I could feel her shaking, her cleavage was red as were her cheeks, she was heavy breathing, I kissed her neck again, this time she turned & kissed me back, it was electric, her tongue slid into my mouth & she was purring & moaning instantly, I slid my hand in her shorts, there were no knickers or bikini bottoms, she was soaking wet, the kissing became more erotic, she was undoing my shorts, they dropped to the floor, I slid hers off, my cock was bursting through my boxers, she pushed me to the dining table, I pushed her to the wall, I lifted her onto me & we fucked quickly & hard. It was over in a flash. She pushed me away & gave me my shorts back, she went upstairs & I went to the garden, I sat in disbelief for a few minutes then attempted to continue with the garden. Jill reappeared a few moments later in a T-shirt & shorts, & sat on her sunbed. That was a one off she said. But of course it wasn’t.