Written by nowtabout

1 Nov 2009

I separated from my wife about 2 years ago and had to find a new place to live , after much searching i found a very nice little 2 bed place , nice and quiet location which was just what i needed .

After moving in, i saw who i thought were the couple downstairs and had a nice chat with them and discovered that they were the daughter and son-in-law of my new neighbour Jilly , and they invited me in too meet her , Jilly is a lady in her late 60\'s , plain looking ,about 5\'4, slim and very friendly .

As the weeks went by and i saw Jilly more i started getting the odd bits from the shop for her and driving her to the supermarket . I would always pop in for coffee and vica versa . Her Daughter was always grateful when he came to visit and asked if i minded which i didn\'t

Now Jilly always dresses nicely , and i have never seen her without a skirt and blouse on , and we always sit at her kitchen table while having coffee . Then one day she asked me if i would like to to sit in her lounge , and while sitting there noticed that her legs were in great shape for someone her age , she was sitting cross legged and all she had on show were her calves covered by tan tights .

i found myself looking at them so tried to avoid it until she recrossed her legs the other way and i got the tiniest glimse of thigh.

I couldn\'t help thinkng a lot about Jilly\'s legs from then on and in conversation one day , when she said that she was feeling old , i mentioned that her legs were in great shape , adding ,well the bottom half anyway with a smile , she laughed at my comment and called me a cheeky devil . at least you cant see the rest she said , you might not be so impressed. I thought well i have made one cheeky comment so why not another , and said , you\'ll have to show me and let me decide , this was followed by a bit of cheeky banter from both sides but nothing more.

Jilly then asked me if i would ike a glass of wine and went and opened a bottle from the fridge , after a couple of glasses ,i told her it was unlike her to drink , and then she replied , well i might need some dutch courage , i laughed and asked why , my interest definalty increasing , she looked at me and asked me directly , Would you still like to see my legs , If you want to show me i replied.

With this Jilly lifted the hemof her skirt to jut above her knee as she was still sitting cross legged i could only see one leg and said very nice , more ? she asked , i just nodded and she raised her skirt to her thigh , as she did this i could feel myself growing in my tousers , i cant go further she said , you will see my stocking tops , this was too much for me and i was fully hard.

you might as well show me now you have told me , i said with a cheeky grin , she uncrossed her legs and moved her skirt further up , i couls see these amazing legs , stand up for me and let me have a proper look isaid , one one condition she said , ok , what ? , you stand up , i was very suprised and we both stood together , me staring at her legs and her at the bulge in my trousers , then a massive suprise as i realised that Jilly still had a lot of the little elil left in her when she said , i\'ll let you touch these legs if you undo your trousers and let me touch that .

part 2 to follow