Written by hardworker

20 Apr 2008

my wife is 28 with a 35b 24 36 figure ,she has black hair and has a tan all year round, she nearly always wears miniskirts and heels even when shopping ,so she usually has blokes staring at her. she said that one of our neighbours ,jim,is always watching her . jim is an old man in his late 70s, his wife died about 12 years ago.

he usually goes for a pint at a pub in the town nearly every day.so i told her to drop in one day when she is out shopping and flirt with him.

i went to work the next day and when i got home the wife told me what had happened.

she had gone out shopping and she had worn this very short dress but she had a pair of trousers under it ,she wore the dress as a top.she had gone into the pub that jim drinks in and had a drink with him and he had been disappointed that she had trousers on. anyhow jim invited her back to his for a drink ,so she went.she said they were sat talking on the couch, and she happened to say that she had not had sex for a while because i was working hard.and jim said if she was his wife she would get it every night, so she said what she did was smile and then spilt a drink on her self and asked jim if she could put her trousers in his drier.she went and sat with him again in just her tiny dress, she asked if the dress was to short with her heels on and jim said no it was fine.she asked him how he would make love to her every night at his age. and he said he had some pills for that,she said he then went out of the room and when he came back he said he had taken one.she asked how long it took and when he said he had to get aroused she stood up and did a sexy dance for him she said she then went to the toilet and took her thong off and when she got back he was laid on the couch naked with a big 10\" hard on so she gave him a blow job and when he came in her mouth his cock was still stood up so they went to bed . she told him it might be too big for her so he licked her smooth pussy to orgasm and then pushed the full 10\" into her and fucked her for 50 mins she said she was shouting at him to fuck her harder and he gave her orgasm after orgasm until he came in her they gave each other oral ,she licked the come off his cock and he licked the come out of her pussy