Written by Steve

4 Aug 2008

I had been invited to our local pub last friday night and texted JJ from work to let her know and make sure it was ok for me to go. Telling her it would give her some time to herself to be \'naughty\' and left it at that. Her reply was a bit of a shock it just said \'why, are you sending Phil from next door round.\'

Phil is the son of our neighbours, who are away on business, he is in his early twenties,handsome, built like a brick shit house and totally unlucky in love, despite being the most lusted after lad in the village. He was most likely going to be in the pub that night so told her I would struggle and we laughed it off.

I saw him in the pub and he invited me to his lads night and a bbq for the following night, I accepted but when I told JJ on that morning she said he had invited us all, kids too! She called round a bit later to ask Phil who he wanted there and who he didn\'t he awkwardly replied it was to be a lads night so I decided not to bother either.

That evening the door bell rang JJ went to the door and it was Phil inviting us all. I told JJ to go and I would stay with the kids and wait up. JJ is the most naturally beautiful woman with lovely tits and big nipples and a smile that could land her in trouble anywhere, though her confidence is a bit low as she is still carrying some baby weight. She spent a few minutes freshening up, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed off next door.

I could hear the party in full swing and heard people arriving and leaving at different times but above all I could hear JJ laughing and clearly letting her hair down in her element surrounded by young lads (she is nearly 34). As the night wore on I strolled down our rear garden to listen to the conversation and could tell one of the lads was clearly fancying his chances with her. Though when I heard who it was I knew he stood no chance. Phil was sat with them too and kept warning his mate off.

It got into the small hours and I popped out again, I realised JJ and Phil had gone inside and could hear them through an open window, giggling as they were looking through some old photos of him from when he was in the army. JJ was obviously drunk and her giggle was making me horny, I could tell she was planning to be naughty and waiting for the right moment to pounce on him so I went back inside to wait for her to come home.

An hour passed and I couldn\'t sleep so I went back downstairs and popped out, all was quiet, as I looked up to Phils bedroom I noticed the curtains were drawn and the light had dimmed. I could only guess they were in there, fucking.

At 4.15am I heard the front door open and could tell JJ was pissed she poured a glasss of water and bumped around for a while before coming upstairs. As she came in I was wide awake, heart pounding almost out of my chest trying to work out if she had been fucked. She said \'I am very drunk, and have been a naughty girl and climbed into bed. The smell of beer, smoke and sex filled the room and by her smile could tell Phil had given her a good seeing to. She said \'he didn\'t go the whole way out of respect for me\' I said \'what he didn\'t fuck you?\' she said \'oh yeah he fucked me alright but he didn\'t come\'. My heart started pouning and I asked to see her pussy, she put the lamp on and spread her legs! Yeah he had fucked her for sure and I slipped a finger into her hot soaking pussy, she moaned and said she hadn\'t come either so I got to work fingering her gaping hole. It took a while but after licking, fingering and rubbing she finally came all over my hand, a sure sign she is turned on. I started wanking over her pussy and she begged for me to slip into her and said she couldn\'t wait, as I did I exploded and covered us both in come and with the dying seconds of my hard on I slid into her.