Written by Lucky Steve

28 Aug 2018

Having time between meetings I pulled up into a lovely viewing area car park in Kent. I heard that it had a reputation as a dogging area but I’d never seen anything going on there and it shuts at night. I stop there occasionally and often see couples sat in cars and going for walks, and the way they act I think most are couples having affairs and using it as there meeting place.

On this occasion there was a motor home parked up at one end so I parked next to it. After a while a guy looked out at me and then a couple. Thinking I may be spoiling their fun I was just about to drive off when the guy was at the window again but this time he beckoned me over.

Plucking up the courage I walked round to their side door and he opened it partly and asked if I fancied a bit of fun. I said yes and was invite in.

He was just wearing boxers and he introduced me to his wife Claire who was sat on a bed wearing black lace panties and bra. She was friendly but looked nervous.

They were both, I guess about 40, and Claire was very pretty with a lovely curvy size 12 body. I can’t remember the guys name but will call him John.

Anyway John told me that Claire had seen me out of the window and like the look of me so they invited me in. I wasn’t sure what to do next but John moved things forward and said to me that I had better get in there quick before Claire changed her mind.

Claire didn’t seem to object so I stripped to my boxers and joined her on the bed. As I stripped she had taken off her own bra.

I wasn’t sure if kissing was ok but she started kissing me passionately so I responded and was soon groping her gorgeous tits.

I then gave her nipples a good suck and she stared moaning in pleasure. As we played we all had a bit of a conversation and Claire told me that John had wanted her to have another guy for ages.

John was soon naked and wanking his hard cock, so I knew he was fine with what I was doing. He then said “let’s get her knickers off for you” and proceed to peel them off her leaving her naked and her lovely shaven cunt on display. Claire didn’t object and lifted her bum to help him, and when they were off she parted her legs.

John had obviously dreamt about this moment over and over and started to dictate what I should do. I didn’t mind as at lest that what I wasn’t going too far and ruining the moment.

He told me to lick her out, and I didn’t need telling twice so moved down the bed. As I did he told me I didn’t need my boxers on and as I started taking them down he helped me pull them off, which felt a bit weird.

It was a bit cramped in there but he was on the bed as well and held Claire’s cunt lips open for me as I had my first taste of her. As I licked her clit she moaned louder. John told me to get my tongue right in her hole and I obliged but Claire told him to be quiet and let me get on with it. With that he verbally backed off a bit, but still held his wife’s cunt open as I licked away. I could tell from her reactions that she loved her clit flicked hard with my tongue and brought her to an intense orgasm. As she was orgasming she was also saying “yes yes yes” over and over and even told John to get lessons from me!

He didn’t seem offended, and then told Claire that she should repay the favour and suck me off.

Soon I was laying on my back and Claire was lowering her mouth over my hard cock. I’d noticed that my cock was slightly bigger and thicker than John’s but not by much.

This hadn’t been lost on John either as he told his wife to give my big cock a good suck. Soon she was sucking away giving me great head. He asked Claire if she liked having a bigger cock to suck and she mumbled a yes without taking my cock out of her mouth.

Then without warning John took hold of my cock and held it pointing upwards allowing Claire to suck it easier.

I’d never had a guy touch my cock before but in truth it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t going to make an issue and ruin the moment.

Realising I wasn’t going to object, John started playing with my balls and wanking me a bit as his wife sucked away.

Soon I was cumming but warned Claire by telling her. This resulted in John wanking me harder but Claire kept sucking and I was soon pumping my cum into her mouth and I watched as she expertly swallowed.

As she moved her mouth away John still wanked me slowly. I was shocked again as Claire then thanked John for talking her into this and she then kissed him passionately.

I found that really erotic as he would have been able to taste my cum from her mouth.

I was wondering if that was it, but it wasn’t. John and I were then either side of his wife and sucking on a nipple each. We talked as well and John was telling me about their fantasies. He told me that she loved to flash, especially to lorry drivers as she would sit in the front of their motor home flashing her tits and pussy to any driver who noticed.

But apparently I was her first guy, although they seemed very relaxed with the situation. Anyway I was soon kissing her again and John licked her pussy, and instructing me to finger her as well.

He said that we needed to make sure she was wet before I fucked her. As my finger, and then fingers entered her cunt hole she moaned even louder than before. She was very wet and my cock would easily slip in her.

As I continued to kiss her, I was hard again, and asked her if she would like me to fuck her. Her reply was a definite yes. I told her I didn’t have a condom and she said she doesn’t like them anyway.

So I was soon positioned between her legs with my hard cock at her wet hole. John was down there still licking her clit and then shocked me a bit again and said something like, “let’s make sure it’s fully hard” and as he said that he took my cock in his mouth and gave it a few sucks!

He then guided my hard cock into his wife’s open and very willing cunt. Slowly at first I started to fuck her. Looking down I could see John trying to lick my shaft as it was going in and out of his wife, and Claire soon told him to move out of the way.

She pulled me forward and we kissed as we fucked and John was soon ignored. As we fucked Claire told me that I was really big and John was nearby wanking.

I sat up after a while to really thrust it in her. After a couple of minutes John cum over his wife’s tits. We however fucked on for ages and in different positions so I didn’t get his cum on me.

We moved into doggy style and i stood by the edge of the bed and she knelt forward on the edge of it and I really fucked her hard from behind. I knew the camper would be rocking but I didn’t care. Nor did Claire as she moaned louder and louder telling me to fuck her hard.

I asked her where I should cum and she told me to cum in her, which I did. Afterwards i flopped on the bed and watched amazed as John started to lick out his wife’s cum filled pussy.

Soon after we said our goodbyes. I was in shock, in a very good way about what happened, and I wished after that we had exchanged numbers. I’ve kept an eye out for the camper but not seen it since.

Names have been changed but if this is you reading this then please get in touch.