Written by Randyscot

2 Aug 2007

A few years ago my then girlfriend (now wife) and I were driving home from work one evening, en route we had to drop off some stock at one of our other retail outlets. A few miles before we reached our drop of point I started to feel really horny and reached over and began rubbing her suspenders through her skirt. Before I had the chance to go any further she pulled up her skirt to reveal her lace top stockings, suspender belt and by now damp thong which she pulled to one side exposing her wet pussy. 'Get in there' she instructed as I started to play with her clit before inserting two fingers into her soaking pussy. As I rapidly finger fucked her she raised her arse off the seat and pushed forward impaling herself on my speeding fingers before cu-ming all over my hand. A few minutes later we reached our destination and I duly unlocked the premises before unloading the stock from my car. As I went into the office to drop off the paperwork she followed me saying 'We have to take care of some unfinished business'. We started kissing passionately as I undid her blouse and bra, releasing her incredible tits, sucking on her nipples making her moan as she started to rub my hardening cock through my suit trousers. She released my now fully erect cock wanking me furiously as I pushed her back onto a desk, lifting her skirt around her waist. Pulling her thong to one side I began licking her pussy as her moans grew louder she pulled my head up saying 'now fuck me hard', I didn't need a second invitation as I pushed into her and began banging away at her sopping pussy. She looked so incredibly dirty with her tits hanging out of her blouse, her skirt around her waist and her stocking clad legs up in the air as I fucked her hard pumping a load of spunk up her. We tidied up before driving the few miles home for another dirty fuck.