Written by Riona

21 Feb 2011

Whilst I don’t want this story to be too long, I felt that I had to give you a prelude to the adventures I am going to share with you and an understanding of where the journey began. I want to share my journey from being a hidden undercover slut to an absolute super fuck cum slut, with anyone who is intrigued enough to read my story.

Being an Irish catholic and a slut is not an image most people would conjure up and are not words which people automatically put together but trust me that is exactly what I am. My own mother even called me a whore many years ago, how true her words have become, except of course I do it purely for pleasure and gratification and not for money. However, what I was many years ago when she thought to call me that and what I am now, are not even in the same parallel universe.

I am not going to embellish the adventures I have had, everything is absolutely true, neither am I going to make it all nice and pink and girly. I am going to tell it how it is, what it is like to be a real cum fuck slut from a woman’s point of view.

I have always loved cock, from the moment I lost my virginity I could not get enough, for you guys who are not bi and have never been penetrated, the feeling of a large hard cock pushing into you is the absolute ultimate feeling.

From the offset, I had never seen a porn magazine or movie but instinctively I knew where to touch a man and how to suck cock, something I have perfected over the years. I have had my fair share of men, some really horny, some so bad you would not even want to pull your knickers to one side to be fucked. I had never been with a woman but had always wondered what it would be like to lick pussy and to be licked by another woman.

Last year, I decided I wanted to get my sex life back on track after a few years in the wilderness and set about doing something about it. I joined a couple of dating sites, met some nice guys and some ass holes and just when I was about to give up, I saw Cenans profile on a dating site. He stated that he was looking for a certain type of lady who he was clearly hoping to take on a sexual journey with him. I sent him a message, he got back to me and we met up about 2 weeks later.

Our first meet was the start of what has been an incredible adventure. I knew as soon as I met him that he was up for anything and this was exactly what I was looking for. I also knew that he was about to raise my status from slut to super cum fuck slut. He was the catalyst I needed for my rise to super slutdom, putting ideas in my head and encouraging me to use my rather vivid imagination.

We arranged to have our first meet in the morning at my house at around 9:30hrs, It was towards the end of the summer last year, I had been working nights and had been sun bathing nude in my garden over the course of the whole summer. Almost the first thing he commented on was my tan and I told him it was an all over tan, he told me he also liked to sunbathe naked. Within about 3 minutes of him coming in my front door, we were snogging passionately, his hands were feeling up my tits and making my nipples really erect, I have DD breasts and my nipples grow quite large when I am excited and he absolutely loved them, licking and sucking my nipples and pulling them so they were really erect. I could feel that he already had a massive hard on which he was pressing up against me. He put his hand down my trousers, pushed my panties to one side and started fingering my pussy. I opened his trousers and took his big hard cock into my mouth and began to suck him. Within about 20 seconds, we were both naked and fucking hard on my sofa. From the sofa we moved out into my garden, he sat on my sun lounger and I then lowered myself onto his hard cock, being on top meant I was then in control so I rode him hard whilst trying to stop myself from moaning loudly, so my neighbours would not hear.

Before I knew it, I was on my back on my kitchen table and he was licking my very wet pussy, now I have had my pussy licked a lot but this was pussy licking of a different league, I could actually feel my clit jump and my pussy contracting.

He told me he wanted to fuck me in every room in the house so we went to my bedroom, he bent me over the bed, straddled me from behind and gave my pussy a good hard fucking, we went on to christen every room in the house. Before we knew it, he had to leave as he had to go to work, we had been fucking for about 3 hours but it only felt like we had been together for about 10 minutes, I knew then that I was in for an epic ride and have not been wrong.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we met at my house and had the most amazing sex. He introduced me to some light bondage; I loved the feeling of being tied up, helpless and being used sexually. He mentioned that he wanted to take me to a naturist club where we could sunbathe naked. I had never been to a naturist club or swinging before, had never had sex with more than one person at a time or in front of anyone else, now I was going to do all at once. I was scared but also excited and most definitely well up for it.

We got to the club and then went to the main sunbathing field. I stripped off and stretched out to do some sunbathing, him naked next to me. Next thing I knew he was stroking my tits and playing with my nipples. He then pushed my legs wide open and started to play with my pussy, rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy, any embarrassment was soon replaced by unadulterated lust. He knelt between my legs and started to lick my pussy, I was aware of people watching us but I did not care. Then I felt someone close to us, so close I could feel him with my foot, a naked guy was sitting watching me getting my pussy licked and wanking. Cenan then moved position so the guy could clearly see my pussy being licked. I got on my knees and started to suck his cock, rubbing his balls and fingering his ass, as I looked around I realised there were about 4 guys around us wanking. I could actually hear the guy close to us breathing heavy, had I been brave enough then, I would have sucked his cock too, I would not think twice about it now.

After playing for a while, the sun was going in, we decided to take a stroll in the forest where Cenan decided I needed to be punished and proceeded to tie me blindfolded to a tree. Before he put the blindfold on I could see a guy standing behind a tree watching us and wanking. After tying me to the tree, he then flogged my back and arse before getting on his knees, opening my pussy lips and giving my pussy a good licking, he pushed his hard cock into my wet open pussy and fucked me really hard, all the while fingering my arse. We moved into the clubhouse where he then proceeded to give me the pussy licking of my life and made me have 2 massive orgasms.

I knew then that I was in for the time of my life. We have gone on to have many horny adventures which make this seem very tame but this was the start of my journey from good catholic girl to super slutdom. I will share these with you in time, especially the story in relation to the catholic priest in Ireland.