16 Nov 2017

I've discovered recently two things: How much I enjoy being the centre of attention and how much I like semen.

My hubby encouraged me to go and discover what he refers to as, "my ultimate sexual experience." We agreed a while ago that we would both do this and about two months ago, after a lot of discussion, I decided to go and try to find it. The Friday night in question involved me dressing up in my finery an heading out to a wine bar. This is nothing out of the ordinary but I'm 60 years old and haven't done anything like this for 37 years; especially not with the intention of picking up.

I was sitting at a table when 2 young guys approached and asked if they could join me. I say young - compared to me they were young, maybe in their early 30's (about the age of my sons!). I was happy for the company and wondered if I should tell them why I was there. It didn't occur to me that they would be interested in me - I was thinking about someone my own age. We chatted for a while and it didn't take long for one of them to start flirting. This surprised me a little and at first I downplayed his advances. Then I felt a hand on my knee, the knee next to his friend on the other side of me. Scott (the first guy) put his hand on my other knee when he saw Jaden's hand on me.

The tenor of the talk went up several stages at this point, presumably because I hadn't stopped them. Both hands began to get higher up my skirt and they both began to tell me how attractive I was and how they loved older women. If I'm honest, this was a bit of a let down, as up until then I'd been flattered by the attention. I realised what I was doing, or more specifically, what they were doing and I moved their hands away.

They apologised and Scott went to get some drinks; all of us feeling a bit awkward (well I was anyway). Jaden and I started talking after a bit of a silent period and he told me that they were both local builders out for a few drinks at the end of the week. We relaxed a bit more as we chatted and when Scott returned, we were laughing together again. I enjoyed their company and the drinks and after about an hour or so, I told them it was time I left. It was at this point that Scott asked me why, as a woman on her own, I was in the bar and chatting with two younger guys. I took a deep breath and said that my husband had encouraged me to and although I was keen, I was rethinking my reasons for coming out. I told them that I had enjoyed their company but I didn't want to cramp their style and they should be chatting to a couple of young things.

They both made all the right noises about how they'd enjoyed it too and how age wasn't really any issue anymore and then, rather surprisingly to me, offered to walk me to a cab rank. This to me, was very gallant and so I accepted their offer. As we walked the short distance to the rank, Scott said that he lived nearby and as it was only 930, it was too early to finish the night just yet, so why didn't we carry on at his place. It was silent between the 3 of us for a while, as I realised what he, or they, had been planning all along. My mind was in a turmoil and my heart was in my mouth.

I said "yes - ok, just one drink."

I perched on the edge of the settee in this bachelor pad, clutching my G&T and wondering what on earth I was playing at. Both Jaden and Scott were very nice, nothing untoward said or done but there was this underlying mood of sensuality. My phone vibrated and I read a text from my hubby: "hope its all going well babe. have a sexy nite. c u when you're ready - no rush." At this point I decided that I should go for it. Hubby was giving me permission, again and I know I really wanted to have sex with one of these guys. What shocked me, was that I didn't mind which one. My normally conservative outlook on life was challenged and I decided that I really did want to find the ultimate sexual experience - why not start here?

Not having any real idea about how to start, I leant back and moved my knees apart again - not too much, just enough to show a little of my inner thighs. It was Jaden who saw and smiled at me. Sitting opposite me he gave me a barely perceptible wink. When Scott came back in and went to sit next him, Jaden said, "I think your guest is feeling bit on her own - you should sit with her mate." Scott appeared to hesitate and looked at the both of us sitting opposite each other; taking in the entire scene. He sat next to me, turned and smiled and put his hand on my knee again. I knew what I wanted now but had no idea how to get it - I needn't have worried - with one hand on my knee, he leaned back and kissed me. My mouth opened involuntarily and our tongues met and entwined. I love kissing and find it really sensuous. His hand slowly went up my skirt and my legs got further apart as we kissed. I reached down to his crotch and could feel his steadily growing manhood through his trousers.

Scott's hand got to my pussy and he began to gently rub my pussy through the nylon pantyhose. I had a pair of lace panties underneath and could feel them moving against my clit. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter; between my legs and in my stomach. As i relaxed more, my legs got further apart and Scott's entire hand was rubbing against my pussy, not just his fingers. I unbuttoned my blouse and Scott buried his head between my breasts; kissing and licking me. I pulled both breasts out of my bra and his mouth immediately went to work on my nipples. I love that - bite them, lick them, blow on them - it makes me so horny. He stopped suddenly and stood up - pulling of his shirt and trousers, standing there in front of me with this huge bulge in his pants, slowly pulling them down and releasing his cock. At this point I noticed Jaden on the chair behind him. His trousers and pants were around his ankles and his hand was around his cock, moving up and down as he masturbated. I couldn't help myself and started to rub my own crotch through my underwear. my other hand pinching one of my nipples. There I was, legs apart, breast out in front of two 30 year olds with their cocks at attention.

Things moved very quickly from there on. Both guys came over and pulled me to my feet. One stood behind me, the other in front. Frenzied hands pulled my clothes off me, leaving my underwear to last. I could feel a cock up my back as Jaden reached around and caressed my breasts, pulling on my nipples and nibbling my ear. HIs other hand was rubbing up and down the outside of my panties, following the line of my slit, making the gusset wetter and wetter. Scott was kissing me. First my mouth, then one of my breasts, moving Jaden's hand out of the way, then my tummy, licking my navel, then pulling my panties down, off and exposing my pussy. I was moved back to the settee and laid down on it. I felt tongues and fingers everywhere. My pussy was licked, fingered and rubbed. My breasts & nipples were massaged, licked and bitten and I could feel an orgasm rising inside me.