Written by ArlingtonOne

22 Mar 2013

As my wife was fucked deep and hard by Eve’s friend, Craig, Eve and I shared our time in the adjacent bedroom. Earlier in the evening my wife and Eve ‘played’…I subsequently made love to my wife…albeit quite an un-dramatic brief few minutes before I spunked her…however it did prepare my wife for her surprise with Craig!

Having already done my ‘1st round’ with wife, my time with Eve was far more engaging. Over the course of well over an hour, we enjoyed all sorts of foreplay and screw time…while on occasion picking up the extended moans and sometimes screams of my wife being entertained in the other room. Once Eve and I did our thrashing around, we shared some wine. Eve sensed I was startled by wife’s sometimes scream out…she assured me that Craig was not a violent prone man…absolutely likely my wife was having the thrill of a time in bed with him… I remarked…even complimented Eve…on her choice to bring Craig into our evening. I thought him to be a very well capable gentleman. Eve smiled…said to me, ”yes, capable sex player…BUT not so much a gentleman in the way you think…” I looked at her. ..a little more curious for detail. She suggested we return to the other room…quietly watch the “activities”…Eve thought given the sexual excitement my wife was being subjected, she would never know we’re to the side of the room. I agreed…we slipped robes on and went through the hallway and at their room’s door. It became quite the added enjoyment of the evening…!

As we looked in, Craig had just finished fucking my wife’s anus. Judi’s cheeks were propped up…Craig must have been holding her waistline. Craig himself was removing a soiled condom with one hand, as he grasped my wife’s derriere with the other. We noted Judi’s breathing labored if not almost heaving… I was impressed Craig could missionary-please and fuck my wife’s anal love hole both in the last hour or so time…”capability” is too weak a word for him! Neither person took note of Eve and me at the doorway.

Craig turned Judi over, and quickly pivoted to the top of the bed near her face. As his now flaccid ‘tree trunk’ lay to the side of Judi’s face (had hoped she would take his cock in her mouth…apparently she was too much in euphoria at the moment…) his left hand moved to under my wife’s left breast…began to massage under the breast while also reaching up to and twisting her nipple. With his right hand over my wife’s vagina, his thumb pressed into the top of her cli…while obvious two fingers were deeply entering and massaging her cunny passageway…oftentimes his hand would almost disappear into her vagina… I was astonished…!!! Craig...a total stranger til that night...knew where some of my wife’s ‘submission points’ lay… It was as if he instinctively knew how to manipulate my wife…!! Eve saw my surprise…we went into the hallway…she explained that was among Craig’s talents. The man knew where most of his ladies were most susceptible to sexual influence. It was in Craig’s nature to subjugate his sex partner…all done in nuanced manner. That’s where Eve suggested ‘gentleman’ might be too strong a manner to describe him… Craig knew how to draw and hold a lady in his web. Eve suggested we go back into the room…watch “the benefits.”

As Craig manipulated Judi’s breast and pussy, he asked…”would you like to meet again…?”

Judi momentarily paused…moaned a bit when Craig’s fingers plunged back into her cunny…

She then murmured…loud enough for Eve and I to hear…”yes…please…yes…!”

NO surprise for me…and NO regret either… I have a great, ongoing relationship with Eve…and in Judi’s ‘marriage bed’…I have NO objections…!! I’m pleased…!! It didn’t end there, however…;);)

We quickly gathered Craig was ready to do my wife again…amazing!! Eve made a gesture…basically ‘shutting’ the party down…! Craig kissed my wife…still fingering her cunny. Then as he got up he told my wife he would be in touch with her soon…very soon…

Craig, Eve and I retreated to the next room. Craig thanked me for allowing him to have my wife. He hoped there would be no objection…seems he realized we were watching and listening that last 15 minutes or so… Eve told him…”remember to thank me…I’m the one bringing this all together…!” Craig and I laughed…he kissed Eve…left for the other bedroom to re-dress and depart. My wife remained in the guest den laying in bed…still getting her wits back…likely realizing her body had one hell of a fuck session! She couldn’t go anywhere…her clothes were in our room…AND Eve and I weren’t yet finished even as the clock moved from Saturday night into Sunday morning…! We weren’t finished together…and we weren’t finished with my wife…!!

I asked Eve how Craig could pick up “the signals” from my wife…OR in fact most women. Eve explained that Craig had a cock who could recognize a ‘wanting lady.’ She looked at me for a moment…then said…”Judi is OR has become a sex addict…clear to me…from what you have shared of her time in Durham a few months back…and her trysts with Callum and Matt. ALSO, you’ve been married for over 19 years…bet you never thought your wife could become a slut so much in demand…!!” I didn’t reply…realized the truth of her observations… Eve excited me… She said we should both go back to the guest room…”keep my wife company” as she called it… Before entering the room, Eve whispered…”hope you don’t mind Arli…I’m going to party with your wife again soon…perhaps a girls’ night…” I wanted to applaud…didn’t. I kissed Eve…”to our future…as long as we enjoy each other…!”