Written by ArlingtonOne

11 Mar 2013

I’ve been asked about my reaction to Judi’s recent sexual behavior. Bear in mind, we’ve been married for nearly 2 decade…’outside’ sexual play NOT an issue for us. Rare I privately observe my wife in her fuck activities, however of late I’ve seen several of her GB engagements. I have no problem with Judi doing her striptease down to hose and platform pumps…along with retaining the jewelry I’ve lavished on her…in front of the guys she’s about to entertain. Nor do I have issue with the gents themselves disrobing her a bit more handily and hardily. No issue with her willingness to suck a lad’s cock on her knees, or in her sensual pose as she lies on the bed…head over edge greedily slurping on a young cock…while lad eagerly eats her out OR pump fucking between her spread legs. I have no objection to a bit of physical handling…turning her over…so that she can easily satisfy one gentleman with her mouth…as the other bangs her from behind. NONE of these activities concern me…I enjoy the same with other wives and single gals…!

However, I'm startled when my wife returns the more simple, love-making gestures…returning a French kiss…encircling her arms around the lad’s neck or shoulders as she kisses him. OR, as I witnessed week before last, her legs wrapped around the young man fucking her! That same evening, I watched her kiss one lad while another positioned behind her to fondle her breasts and finger-stroke both vagina and anal doors…NEVER an objection by her! It warns me that whatever pending plans she may entertain with her new friends…especially Matthew…she’s taken an advanced step beyond our usual extra-marital endeavors. And, it concerns me…

When I chatted with Callum, clear that Matt has his desire to work Judi…he’s got a passion for her that’s pure sexual satisfaction…for him and his friends. There’s no real ‘affection’ for her if you wish call it that…he just likes and wants my wife’s body for his play…! A fellow SH member asked if I plan to observe Judi’s next meet. I’d like to…and if Callum involved, I will be there. I have no problem taking some private time…heading up to Durham…and monitor. HOWEVER, if Cal not in play, I doubt Matt will invite me. Here lie some of my concerns after private conversation with Cal.

I know where Matt coming from…he’s sly but NOT subtle. He just wants to fuck Judi...often...until her attraction has worn out!! I understand that desire. His friends, however, are like him…ALL physical sex…nothing in it for the Lady except a lot of orgasms. NO tenderness…NO subtlety…Judy will simply be a fuck doll. Amusingly, while Matt is single, his friends are all married! At first blush that would be a helpful bit of knowledge for me…BUT it isn’t! One friend commutes to Durham regularly, via London, from his Barcelona office. Wife and children at home in Barcelona…he has every desire to meet Judi and fuck her to his satisfaction. Another gent, in his late 30’s, lives in Durham with wife, one child…and one coming…wife pregnant. She’s at term stage where hubby NOT permitted to engage…although Cal suggests he gets some good BJ’s! Cal confirms that Matt’s friend is all about meeting Judi for full GB partying and penetration. In his case, I’m doubly concerned that while my wife has experienced occasional BBC meets, this time…this lad has been motivated by Matt to fully placate himself on Matt’s married lady!

To be invited, I’ll need to have Cal convince Matt that I WILL join in fucking ‘his woman’ that night. If so, and if this all proceeds where I believe headed, I’ll make sure I’m last up. By then Judi will likely not even realize how many men have fucked her…and if she realizes my presence, I very much doubt she’ll disclose “our relationship”…too late across all motives…;);) HOWEVER, my presence won’t change what appears to be happening with my wife. Either she’s going through a stage…a sexual change of life…OR this will become the new norm for her...for us. Some of you are aware that my wife and I have a pending date with an occasional mistress of mine, Evelyn...at MY wife's request!! Eve has earnest plans for Judi. At first wary about implications for my wife…I’m now resolved...even pleased...to accepting and witnessing whatever Eve has in store for my wife. Eve promised me that she will take care of my needs that evening…as we both share audience with whatever planned for Judi…! BOTH the upcoming Durham GB party…and my “3-way date” next month will be covered in future posts.

To curious, fellow SH Members, these postings have become a catharsis of sorts. I’d rather release and share my feelings here with people who perhaps better understand these situations…than dialogue with holy roller counselors who likely take satisfaction in the jollies they subsequently value from that dialogue.