Written by ArlingtonOne

24 Jun 2013

It’s been nearly 4 years since I caught my wife engaging (seducing) the affections of our neighbor’s young au pair. It appeared to be the first time (at least to my then knowledge) that Judi proactively engaged in lesbian love…I know since she’s often found female partners with whom she would share intimate moments, and casual fun activities for and by “the girls.”

The au pair’s family resides in our court…they contracted au pair services…a young lady from Poland was assigned to the family for a one-year agreement…quite the norm for au pair hire. I’d say my wife engaged the young lady for about 6 to 8 months of her residence here. I first noted Judi’s attentions on Adela when she routinely purchased clothing and jewelry for the girl. I knew the clothing wasn’t to my wife’s appeal… Rather, they were youthful, provocative and almost slut-like in show. The jewelry equally…more cosmetic appeal and designed to add a flirtatious presence with the young woman. Honestly, Adela didn’t require all that much “flirtatious appeal”…she was stunning, built, toned AND very young! I didn’t let on that I knew something was going on between the girl and Judi…and for my wisdom I was rewarded ‘audience’ several times…

Adela’s work schedule allowed Tuesday official break…with alternating times on other days…though she’d be on standby if her employer family needed her to care for their child. The child was primary school-age, so Adela had a bit more flexibility to her calendar. On that “first” Tuesday I arrived home early to prepare for a business itinerary next morning. I made no grand entry…just simple, quiet return home. I realized my wife wasn’t alone…dual glasses on the dining table…some clothes left across a dining room seat…clothing I clearly recognized being a gift for Adela!

I gingerly walked up to our bedroom suite…and from the ante room, spotted my wife…totally naked…laying on the master bed. Between her legs, Adela doing some ‘very nice things’ to my wife’s pussy…while I was also blessed with an angled look of Adela’s lovely derriere, and her youthful breasts hanging just over my wife’s thighs… In fact, the young lady allowed her nipples to casually brush against my wife’s legs as the young lady ate my wife like an experienced cunnilingus pro…! As well, Adela’s fully exposed clit was divinely smooth…with an almost iridescent, purple sheen to her lips… You can’t imagine how much self-control I called upon…!!

Judi was clenching our bedpost frame…a low guttoral murmur gurgling deep in her throat. On occasion, as she shifted her thighs…Adela would respond by spreading them further…allowing deeper access into my wife’s love canal. I could tell, Adela’s fingers were not only probing my wife’s cunny…they were moving to and fro Judi’s anus. In fact, I noted Adela’s right hand had a condom wrapped around several fingers…the fingers that were massaging into Judi’s welcoming ass…the girl knows her stuff!

Judi had an orgasm…in fact I believe twice...before the ladies changed positions. I remained standing quietly in the ante room...still and observing…kept my breathing to a subdued pace. My wife’s and Adela’s lovemaking was a fabulous watch…! As my wife positioned above the girl, she pulled out harness straps that we keep anchored under the top mattress…on occasion we use for BD play time… Adela’s wrists were linked and captured before she could respond. In fact, I’m not so sure she even wanted to respond…it seemed to move quickly…and effortlessly…

With Judi’s young au pair now backside on bed, my wife French-kissed and tongued the girl for long moments…then slipped down to her youthful Tits. Judi knew what she wanted…the girl’s breasts were too ‘inviting.’ Her nipples tensed, heightened and hardened…ready for her lover to take and use. Judi took…and Judi used…to the point Adela screamed! Our townhouse is set as a corner unit…no one for her screams to ‘excite’ or ‘concern.’ Judi squeezed her breasts as she kissed and sucked the girl’s nipples.

Perhaps 5 minutes went by…Judi moved down to the young lady’s vagina. She reached for a dildo on the night stand…a long bulbous one. Adela looked concerned…however never said a thing…as Judi worked the dildo’s magic on the young woman’s vagina. I knew what my wife wanted…she was readying the girl’s clit for her tongue and mouth. Adela’s pussy was drenched, BUT not yet stretched open to my wife’s plan. Minutes later, Judi went down on her au pair. If Adela addressed my wife’s cunny in a tantalizing and experienced manner, Judi was all the more experienced…giving AND taking from the girl’s femininity. Adela writhed in the bed…both uncomfortable AND assuredly in passion. Whoever had previously eaten…fucked…used this young girl…Adela was being introduced to a seasoned, married woman who knew…knows…how to pleasure her lover…!

As Judi relaxed her ministrations on Adela…releasing the wrist straps…Adela quickly turned on my wife…reversing positions…Adela now on top as she had been earlier. Only this time…Adela exercised a sexual maneuver reflecting experience and determination. I can’t fully describe her act…likely SH censors will refuse approval… However, suffice Adela knew how to drive a woman’s orgasm into a prolonged state of pleasure. NOT to say there can be some risk…if not properly done, clitoral pain and other effects possible. Adela knew what she was doing…whether a product of her earlier experiences…OR my wife’s introduction at an earlier play session…! I watched the ladies…watched Adela’s hands and fingers…my wife fell into an orgasmic-like state. Adela did not let up…maneuvering her fingers well. In addition to Judi’s continuing orgasm, my wife was heaving…her breathing labored…in an almost asphyxiation-like condition. It appeared Judi was unable to respond to her use. She begged Adela to stop…but Adela continued to work my wife. I was about to break my cover and step in…when the young lady pulled her fingers out of my wife. To my surprise, my wife now relaxed and relieved, both gals embraced and kissed…

I quietly returned downstairs…waited about 15 minutes…made some ‘entry-noise.’ Judi called down..said she’d be down in minutes…that Adela was visiting and taking a ‘tour’ of her walk-in clothes closet. (“Tour” alright…around and in both of their pussies…!)

I timed it right…ALL by coincidence…to watch my wife’s lovemaking with her young lady. I subsequently learned that Judi had been setting up the au pair for nearly 2 months…Adela was going to be her conquest! As it turned out, Adela enjoyed her relationship with my wife for nearly 6 months or more. Oh yes…my wife took good care of her…clothing…evenings out…sometimes Judi arranged for a little variety…she’d introduce the young woman to one of her male friends. I laughingly believed…Judi would pawn off a young lover onto Adela so to avoid having to let the young man fuck my wife that evening…!! I know…in one instance…my wife watched one of those “references” have his way with the girl…then subsequently Judi would bring the slightly inebriated Adela home…so she could satisfy herself with the young woman. ONLY a hear-say…didn’t actually see it…BUT given my wife’s behavior, I’d say…more than once while Adela employed here…

Adela returned home in early 2010…she and Judi remain in email & FB contact…the young woman returned to her local university to complete her ‘real’ studies…;) Judi did share with me that in addition to the gifts, she provided Adela extra funding…to enjoy her stay in London…and as support funding for when she returned home. It wasn’t without custom…both of us will reward a partner given our respective trysting. I never had the opportunity to play with the girl…but oh so what enjoyment to watch my wife “at work” with her young plaything…! I distinctly remember watching them on 3 separate occasions. Lord knows what Judi and she did when outside our home…;)