Written by ArlingtonOne

9 Apr 2013

Judi’s recent sexual engagements have taken a turn to group fucking with friends AND invitees unknown to her. Responding to several recent postings, some SH members have placed their own comments and suggestions…and I’ve received a fair number of private emails…almost all supportive, however a small number take me to task for allowing my wife’s recent behavior. I realize there are 3 major events that add some reasoning behind my wife’s penchant for what one would call ‘slut’ activity. One incident goes back early in our marriage…nearly 18 years…and two in last few months.

Still in The US, 2md year into marriage, Judi hadn’t yet established her career in CP management…she was more the supportive wife to my efforts to establish a positive reputation in the legal community. I was being interview by 3 firms in summer of 1994…I was 28 years old, my wife 24. A New York firm’s partners were very much interested in my Trade legal intern work…I had opened doors to many International firms…at an age unheard. Interviews with this particular firm were handled by 3 partners. That afternoon, one of the senior partners…’John’ for the sake of names, about 55ish…at completion of my meeting, tuned over my dialogue with two other partners. John then invited my wife to his office to privately chat about her husband’s “possibilities” with the firm. In hindsight, it was an attempt to draw my wife into a tryst situation. It worked! Judi was concerned as to behavior…this powerful partner exec had influence over my potential recruitment…so she simply acceded to what John endeavored. I wish she had excused herself and sought me out…BUT fates didn’t allow. I subsequently learned from Judi what happened.

John offered my wife a drink…Judi even then rarely refused her cocktail...or more. In short order, John began to be personal…getting close to my wife as she sat in a guest sofa chair adjacent his desk. Whatever his ‘supportive words’ don’t really amount to anything…it’s in his actions that steered the affair. Soon into conversation, he kissed my wife’s cheek, maneuvering his hand to my wife’s leg and knee…ever slightly moving up her inner thigh. It was a hot summer…Judi didn’t wear full hosiery…she simply had panties under her attractively designed mini skirt/suit combination. As Judi told me, she attempted to deflect John’s actions, but to no avail. She was ALSO concerned about implications for me and my interviews. John moved quickly up my wife’s inner thighs…reaching her panty and vaginal area. His fingers stroked my wife’s vagina and began to manipulate her clitoral area. Back then, Judi had a nicely manicured pussy…John remarked how he loved a ‘natural woman.’ At a point, John slightly pushed my wife back a bit…and took hold of Judi’s panty and pulled it down to her knees. He ordered my wife to remove her panties. Perhaps Judi could have refused…but she didn’t!! I suspected John wanted my wife to remove her own panties so no one could allege he forcibly had sex with my wife. She took her panties off...and handed them to John...he continued to play with her pussy…becoming increasingly physical finger-fucking her for several minutes. Apparently my wife felt a “need” to allow this powerful figure to have his will with her. Shortly after, John’s wife came into the private office…startling Judi…NOT John! Clarissa walked over to the pair…looked at Judi’s skirt hiked way up her thigh…bent over and gave my wife a kiss…on her cheek as well. As she did, her left hand quickly slid over Judi’s inner thigh…right up to her vagina. She said…”seems my husband has conducted his interview here…” Judi claimed she was at a loss for words…Clarissa wasn’t…! John’s wife pushed her hand up into Judi’s vagina…briefly probed her…pulled her hand out. She looked at her fingers…moved them over to Judi’s mouth and ordered her to taste the fingers. Clarissa said…”appears my husband has served you well…taste your own orgasm my dear…” Clarissa said…”no time for me…I really came here to let you know Arli is finished with interviews and looking for you… I didn’t think it wise for him to interrupt your personal meeting with my husband… We’ll have time soon to get together…”

Shortly later, John said his ‘goodbyes’ to me…indicating favorable enthusiasm in my recruitment. He then handed me my wife’s panty…folded…saying…”though it’s warm out, it is early in the day…your wife may have need of these…”

Not to go into too much more detail, I never accepted the firm’s offer that came the following week. John tried to ‘follow-up’ with Judi months later…inviting us to join he and his wife in Ibiza for a week’s vacation. Just before his invite, he became aware of me joining a firm that eventually brought us here to London. Judi remained on his mind. My wife never wanted to pursue the discussion…I should have picked up some signals…even then…18 years ago!

The 2nd benchmark was the Durham conference, and my wife’s fuck play with her young partner, Callum. Cal was affiliated with another CP firm…and had been playing with my wife for most of 2012. It was however a turn if events late in ’12 when Callum announced his engagement to his future wife…they’re marrying November this year. Cal’s business colleagues had long asked to be included in play with my wife. Callum rejected for a long time… That changed when he became engaged…thinking my wife was now a ‘short-term’ slut fuck partner. He presumed Judi would be upset…so Cal began to invite his friends. One of them, Matthew, has become an eager player with my wife. I was fortunate to learn AND witness one of Judi’s GB parties at a conference social event. I don’t know how many of them she participated late last year…but the one I watched, Judi was the slut to 4 gentlemen. Given her condition that night, she could have likely taken on a dozen men without awareness. That is the issue I’m dealing with…her disposition to party…lose control and common sensibility…allowing herself to be used by several men…NOT all friends. I wouldn’t have an issue if her partying involved our mutual friends, neighbors, and like where I have a trust AND control in her activies. BUT, she was AND is taking on total strangers who have only one objective on my wife. The rest of Durham you’re already aware…I’ve posted details on the SH site here.

The third ‘event’ is totally my mistake…especially given my wife’s current sexual needs and indiscriminate choices. My play companion, Evelyn, and I brought my wife into a 3-way…a fuck party my wife had insisted upon with a favorite lady in my trysting travel. You already know what transpired…Eve used my wife aggressively…and included another young man who fucked my wife that evening like a true stud. Craig has since met my wife several times…solo and with assist from 2 friends who’ve pleasured themselves on my wife with little regard or respect for her. I can almost sense Judi’s engagement in these gang bangs have bordered on potentially forced group fucks… My wife seems to have attracted the ‘dates’…and appears quite willing to continue doing so…!

“Yes” to other SH members who’ve asked me to take better control and understand my wife’s issues. I would do so if I better knew “the issues!” Judi and I have long sexually performed outside our marriage…and for the greater of 18 years…successfully managed our respective trysting. I’m now at a stage where I need to prompt changes in my behavior AND hers…BUT without eliminating the enjoyment we’ve had over these years. Her awareness of Callum’s marriage engagement is almost traitor-like for my wife. She’s enjoyed this young man, and likely feels discarded. I’ve suggested…NOT so…Cal will probably continue to play with Judi. And, who knows, given my wife’s recent favor in a few young women, Cal’s wife may be a natural…!!

My bringing wife into the Eve equation was/is stupid. I’ve now allowed several men to use my wife as they will…young men who have only one goal in my wife…their sexual gratification…! Addressing these issues will be a challenge, given Judi and I have long performed with others…while we’ve relished our own marriage. Perhaps one observation quite telling and indicative I need to better manage her AND me…Judi and I over most of our marriage, would have sexual play 4-5 times monthly...in addition to our affairs. Over the last year, we barely have sex twice monthly, however I know she fucks at least 4-5 times monthly outside our marriage. AND, given her acceptance to be group fucked magnifies her sexual activity. Judi and I are entertaining Miranda late this month. I’ll have no further postings until after that dinner. I know what my wife wants from her…pretty much what I want! Miranda has a request of us, detail still unknown. I’m looking to make that evening OR arrangements shortly after a fun, satisfying event for Judi and me. Of course, we’ll make it especially engaging for Miranda…;) My wife enjoys young pussy… If I can bring her “the results” without exposing Judi to other risky sex, I may be on the right road to mutually help ourselves. For me it'll also be a rare experience...I don't often play with an especially young lady...though looking forward to this one as she is also the daughter of friends and neighbors. Judi and I have watched Miranda 'mature and blossom' over these last several years...time to share in her flower, however my wife is aware Miranda is NOT an innocent...;);)