Written by wishpm43

11 Apr 2010

OK so there was Y fast asleep, even pretending to snore, When Malcom comes back from the loo. Unlocking the fron door??

Im looking at Malcom then surprisingly he winks at me and whispers, John and Dave are going to surprise Y tooooo.

What do i do now - i go to Y and start shaking, bit suddenly very confidently I whisper to her, Can Juicy Lucy be John and Daves Fuck toy?? Im waiting for her reaction, her legs move further apart, and I can see her pussy smiling with that shiny glow, I have to put my hand down there as it is so inviting and my palm is over her and so so slipery. I ask her again whilst my hand is below and on her and she is replying with her hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Malcom shows me his phone and John and Dave are waiting outside, i indicate that he can let them in - but quietly.

He does this and they see all the toys all over the bed and Y there with her Pussy shiny and smiling that puffy FUCK ME smile. They are quickly removing their clothes and sporting huge Dicks (Well compared to mine) John was 6" and Dave was Much larger then Malcom - maybe 9".

They were so proudly erected and bouncing with excitement as John and Dave moved.

Malcom starts collecting some of the tows and the guys are heading for the "sleeping" Y

They get themselves on both sides of Y and place a hand on each breast just caressing and messaging them gently, then they place their other hands lower and are both caressing each of her calves and slowly working them selves higher - whilst this is happening Y legs seem to be more supple and seem to be getting further away..

They start whispering into Y ears is Juicy Lucy ready for a party, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is her reply. They are now both alowing their dicks to rub her legs - she is squirming to try to touch their dicks - but is still tied up, but her legs are able to rub them and she surfices with this. Meanwhile John and Dave have both their hands at her most upper area, just below her pussy. They together tell us she is an inferno down there. Malcom and I are just nodding with our jaws well opened. Y is in such an aroused state that her pussy is dripping.

She suddenly turns her body towards Dave and is trying to get his dick into her.

Dave just thrust a little and his cock tip is at her entrance, he then teasingly slips in a little further mayber an Inch, Y is squirming to try to get him all in. But Dave will not have that yet, and retreats as this happens John is at Y's rear side and his Dick appears to be at Y pussy from her rear side. Y realises and shoves her rear towards it, and its all in - no mistake as John is smiling and pawing at her breats. He begins to thrust and thrust and Y is squirming and gooing and panting ( but still asleep) and thrusting her rear more and more. She appears to have lost all controll and submitted herself to her lust. John comes and comes big it is dripping all over her rear, John retreats and Dave quickly replaces him and Y is smiling then she realises his size and her mouth just contorts as if eating the best chocolate ever, and sighing with relief. She seems to be comming and Dave is comming also as he is retreating out all his cum is spurting all over Y and the sheets.

Malcom and I are so turned with this show that we are also very close to Y as she returns to lying on her back. We begin touching her body all over with our hands and our dicks are so close to her mouth and nose , she is moving her face so they are rubbing her on her cheeks and chin and soon she has her mouth around my dick and passionatly making love with her mouth on me, then she gently removes me and turns toward Malcom and this she repeats and repeats we also have our fingers in her insattiable pussy, which seems to be forever on a flood and stick so so sticky and warm.

I whisper to her is Juicy Lucy ok and ready for more she just replies hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, with Malcoms dick in her mouth. John is undoing her leg ties and pulling her lower in the bed. Y is disspleased and quickly removes Malcolm dick and is shaking her head. I quickly re attach the ties but have her back side now much lower so we can tease and have a better access to her honey pot. She is pleased now and is returning her head to Malcoms Dick and we hear a hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

John has his Dick ready to enter her pussy and is at the foot of the bed, he raises her legs that seem to move with no effert, and he enters her she thrusts up to grab as much contact with his equipment as possibe whilst her mouth is making love to Malcoms dick. Dave also has his dick out and grabs Y left hand and gets her to play with it, she is quickly learning and enjoying this process also. I meanwhile get to her right hand and place my Huge feeling dick in her hand and she is happily screwing my dick with her fingers. I whisper to her if JUICY LUCY is happy, she replies hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, When malcom comes all over her face, Dave comes all over her left hand and John is cumming inside her she is squirming with pleasure that i also cum all over her too.

I quickly go to the bathroom and get a towel which i drench in warm water, and start cleaning Y as she stinks of Cum and Malcom starts drying her with another towel. she seems to be fast asleep through all this but allows us to manipulate he body to all different directions so we can clean her, Dave now is at her pussy and we have her on her tummy and use pilows to raise her rear for easier entrance.

Now Dave is nudging his dick at Y's entrance and Y simply drops her rear straight on to Daves 9" as if it were a pinky finger, she swalloed it whole and wouldnt move - But Dave started Humping and gradiouly started getting quicker, and more animalistic that Y started Drooling and panting that she was JUICY LUCY and this was the best ever dream..

Dave came as soon as she said this that malcom quickly replaced him and screwed her for all he was worth, then came all over her back side, but as soon as he was out John was in there it was like a prossesion - But Y was loving it completly and sighing her relief when somebody was replaced, Me i went to her face and she swallowed me whole and made love to me with her mouth and cheeks and kept on slipping words like I LOVE YOU - these were so so passionatly stated that i just came and came all over her pants that were still covering her face as a Blindfold..

Part 4 is up to you people ( i can tell you the real story or you can help me with a fantasy enriched story) - Let me know need Feed back