Written by wishpm43

12 Apr 2010

Part 4

So there we are all open mouthed and shocked but, well very pleased in ourselves. As Y

Was fast asleep with a wicked smile spread across her face. We look at each other and

are completely spent , so as John, Dave and I have the early session tomorrow, we think it best to make it a night.

But Malcom comes up to me and says, Can I please use your Juicy Lucy some more I am not going to 2pm. I hesitate, but im looking over to Y just lying on her tummy with the cushion under her to raise her backside, and her legs seemed to just part and this smile

Began on her lips that wouldn’t stop then we all heard hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I am so confused now, my Dick starts to raise and feels like its 9” long now, and my

Head is saying no no, enough , But then John and Dave say ok we will leave you guys

Tonight “Have Fun” Maybe we can do it again tomorrow? I just smile and say Good night, While im getting into bed, with Y snoring her sweet head. Malcom says ok Good Night and I’ll see you tomorrow, to Dave and John and is getting next to Y on the other

Side of the bed. I close my eyes just as Y is moving her rear end or trying to, Malcom gets out and unties her hands and Feet and removes her blindfold. Y has her eyes shut as

Closely as possible. But a huge smile is plastered on her gorgeous face.

So there we are the 3 of us lying on the bed me closing my eyes and in such a relaxed state that any thing may happen now. When I notice that Y’s hand is hovering for my little missile , she is so hungry for the touch of a throbbing dick that I noticed her other Side is moving more rapidly, she has Malcom’s member im sure.

Then Im beginning to wake up again and slowly am putting my hand towards her insatiable region that is so hot I can feel the heat from her chest and it gets hotter and hotter as I’m lowering my hand. I finally reach to her pubic hair area that is moving?,

Ahhh Malcom has also got his fingers and hands down here. Y is moaning and Sighing so much and she starts withering about, but we keep teasing her pussy lips with our digits

Connected to our fingers.

Malcom indicates to her that he wants to enter her from behind by Pushing her hip and moving lower to enable his proud Prick to enter Y is happy to do this but is still affectionly loving my Huge feeling prick with her hand. I sense that Malcom has entered her as she opens her eyes and is looking at me, with this THANKYOU DARLING

Look she shows me at times. Im getting excited more now as she closes her eyes again she has opened her mouth and is trying to lower herself to me, so I assist by moving up maybe a foot, and then I feel her tongue slurping at me, then she encases me in her delicious warm mouth, slurping and sucking and slurping, I have never seen or heard her do this before, but then Malcom was pounding on her pussy from the rear, which was exciting her immensely. She was cooing and sighing as her hips were being forced onto my legs and She released my Cock and said she was commmminnnnng so passionly that I shot my load all over her face and then lowered my self to kiss her smudging my cum all over her accidently. Malcom hadn’t come and was using her now for his lust and

Was drilling her so so hard, Y was still coming as she was sucking my toungue and she said to me again I love you. Just as I felt Malcom halt his fucking – he must of unloaded in her. She withdrew from my face and started to get up from bed, and go to the bathroom.

We heard the toilet being flushed and then the shower, I say night to Malcom and am sleeping like a log.

Unfortunately I missed the next bit but Malcom can tell you as he told me later the next day.

Please let me know if u would like Malcoms account