Written by Pinks

1 Sep 2011

Sorry for the preamble but it sets the scene…..

My wife has had few marital distractions in the past that has led her down the path of enjoying the extra sex when she can get it. I have, in the past set her up behind her back and shown her off to strangers when she has been drunk. Her most recent event was however her own doing and to this day she doesn’t think I know about it.

The company she works for were taken over during the early part of this year and she openly told me she hated every minute of being there but only stayed because her job fitted in with mine.

Julia is 43, Blond, Petite, 32A and very pretty. Two weeks ago I noted that her view on the new company had changed significantly and her new supervisor, Andy, had gone up in her estimations (previously known as Rodney….only fools etc!). The conversation about her work often referred to Andy, this Andy that and what a laugh they had been having etc. Bearing in mind the sudden change in her attitude I listened more intently to her communications with me and her friends on the phone and suspected that perhaps Andy was paying her a bit of attention. Julia told one of her friends on the phone that they had started taking breaks away from their computers to get back at the fag smokers who were “always missing” from their stations and as only her and Andy didn’t smoke they used to go down to the car park for twenty or so minutes for a chat. This sudden change in attitude also coincided with her choice of clothing becoming more revealing and the purchase of some nice uplifting bra’s.

Last week Julia was working an all-nighter and she told me that her supervisor for that shift would be Andy, which she didn’t mind because “they always had a laugh”.

Her shift started at 10-00 pm and she worked through until 08-00am the next morning. After Julia had left I decided I would park up close to where she worked and see if this Andy and Julia would appear. My reasons were to confirm if she and Andy were up to anything or just chatting as she had mentioned and the fact that I was quite turned on by the thought. I left the house at 12-00 midnight and drove to where she works, the car park for her call centre is huge and is shared by a few other call centres as well, so hiding wasn’t an issue. I parked up abut twenty five yards from the entrance and just sat and waited. After several groups of smokers appearing and disappearing, sure enough out came Julia and this Guy I assumed was Andy. Andy was about 6’0 , slim and quite muscular. They walked away from the entrance but towards me (crapped myself I would be seen) and stood at the corner of the office block where Andy pulled Julia towards him and kissed her full on her lips, Julia responded and they had what could only be described as an animal passioned kiss, his hands were on her head and was obviously deep tonguing her. After a few minutes I noted Andys hands had slid down her shoulders and was now firmly squeezing her breasts. He then undid her blouse at the front and his head then went forward to kiss her tits, he then pushed her bra over her tits and sucked her nipples, Julia was just loving it and held his head whilst he was going at her. Julia turned Andy round so that he was against the wall and her hand went to his groin, she squeezed his cock through his trousers before pulling his zip down and letting her hand in his flies, her other hand flipped open his fly button and both hand then went down the front of his underwear. Julia pulled his cock up and I could see her rub her fingers over the end of his knob whilst she again kissed his mouth. Julia sunk to her knees and then proceeded to suck his cock while she rubber hands up and down his foreskin, Andy was in ecstasy and kept looking round to see if anyone was about. Andy pulled Julia up and said something to her and I watched her turn round, lift her skirt up to reveal her cream coloured thong, pull it to one side while Andy entered her from behind, Julia had her hands on the back of a Vauxhall estate car while he pumped his cock into her, Andy was mauling her tits while Julia’s hand went under her and was obviously stroking his cock while he fucked her. Andy stopped thrusting and Julia turned around went down on her knees and finished him off by sucking him dry. I could see Andy’s body judder as he shot his cum into her mouth and he held her head until she had taken it all down. After a few minutes of composing themselves and straightening their clothes they both went inside the building and I drove home to have a very fulfilling wank over my memories of the event. The whole start to finish of them coming out and going back in can not have been any longer than about fifteen minutes and was very frenzied. It begs the question, how many times had they done it before??? I will return and see what happens next.