Written by Pinks1

6 Dec 2010

Sorry for the long preamble but the background should add some credibility to this true story.

Julia works in the medical profession and the place she works has around forty people there, some doctors, some reception staff, call takers and nurses. Julia (43) and I have an adequate sex life but I have suspected for some time that she would stray given the right opportunity. Unbeknown to Julia I have her password for her email account and as such quite often read her emails just to keep up with the inevitable gossip she gets from her friends. During one such email intrusion I noted she was getting emails from an Asian doctor (about 52) she works with. On reading the content of the emails he was sending I could detect a tone of flirtation, her replies were full of innuendos and all made reference to the works Christmas do which was last Friday. Dr S. bragged in his email of having just moved house to a very select road in Yarm and said that he would gladly give her a tour of his house if they could find time and had suggested that during the evening of the Christmas do may be appropriate as they could slip away during the evening for an hour or so. Julia’s reply suggested she was up for it, so it was from there I hatched my plan. Julia would no doubt be drinking so I suggested that I could drop her off at the restaurant and she could get a lift back with someone. Julia agreed and said that ‘one of the girls would give her a lift no problem’.

On the night of the do Julia took an inordinate amount of time to get ready and after some well planned walks into the bedroom revealed she was wearing hold up stockings with a matching thong and uplifting bra set. This was all complimented with a white lacy blouse and short black skirt that finished just above the knees. I made no comment about the hold-ups and after she had put the make up on she looked very very hot!

As planned I dropped her at the restaurant at Middlesbrough and after a quick kiss off she went into the venue with me apparently driving home. I , however went round the block and parked up with a great view of the restaurant and waited. About ten minutes later Dr S turned up in his very flash Mercedes and wearing a very expensive looking suit, into the restaurant he went. I guessed that the meal would take about two hours to get through but I knew the plan was to go to a club afterwards so I just had to sit it out. After about two and a quarter hours I spotted some of the staff leaving the restaurant and walking up towards the club and shortly after Julia and Dr S came out but instead of heading towards the club they made there way to his car, this was it. I turned on the engine and followed from a safe distance without fear of losing them as I knew where he lived. As I pulled into his road I noted Julia just going into his house, his house was very big and had a large front garden which was fairly secluded with high bushes either side of an open front garden and gardens to the rear. I parked up about two hundred yards beyond his house and made my way back on foot. I walked around his front garden and pushed open a little metal gate at the side of the house, being careful not to make any noise, I crept to the back of the house and very tentatively looked to see if the curtains were open.. As I got to what must have been the living room window I could here mumbled voices but couldn’t make out actual words but from the apparent laughter they were quite jolly.

The curtains were closed about two thirds of the way across and gave me a very good view of the living room and dining room areas, I glanced in and could Dr S pouring Julia a large glass of wine in the dining room area while she sat on a very expensive looking cream leather sofa. He took it over and placed it on a glass table to her left and sat beside her. On sitting down he said something to Julia and brushed his hand across her hair and leant forward to kiss her, she received his kiss willingly and held her hand on the back of his head as they obviously traded tongues. This kiss lingered for what seemed like ages until his hand dropped from the side of her head and slid down her shoulders to her right breast where it lingered as it brushed over her 34A beauties. She did not resist and in fact put her hand over the top of his and pushed it harder on to her breast. This was all the encouragement he needed and his hand proceeded to undo the blouse buttons before putting his hand inside. He pulled the blouse from the waist band of her skirt and pushed it back over her shoulders as she helped him remove it completely. There she sat, my wife with her Asian friend staring at her in a very sexy black uplifting bra. Dr S pulled her straps down either side and pulled them down until her breasts were exposed and at that point he slipped his body off the settee and knelt in front of her as he sucked and nuzzled each breast. He was rough as he pinched her nipples but she was loving every damned minute of it. Dr S pulled her into a standing position and put his hands behind her back to undo her skirt, he struggled which made her laugh so she helped him and it fell to the floor. Dr S’s face was a picture when he noted the hold ups and he stood up and kissed Julia full on the lips as his hands roamed over every part of her body. Dr S then slid his big brown hands down the front of the waist band of her thong and made contact with her pussy which made her jolt with ecstasy, his other had had gone round the back and he pulled heavily on here butt cheeks I assumed at this point his fingers had pushed into her body as his hand was motioning slowly back and forth. Julia by now had her hands on his shirt and was undoing the buttons whilst writhing about from the attention her pussy was getting, as she reached the last button and pulling the shirt from his trousers she proceeded to rub his cock through his trousers before undoing his zip. Her hand slipped inside his trousers and felt his cock, at this point Dr S pushed her shoulders down so that she went into a kneeling position and he undid the top catch of his trousers and pushed them away from his body. What happened then was a big shock because as she tugged his underpants down she revealed an average length cock but a girth to which I have never seen before, I swear it was as round as my wrist. Julia rubbed his cock and started to lick the end before struggling to get the cock in her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes, the dirty bastard loved it!

Dr S held her head a she motioned back and forth before he lifted from her shoulders back to a standing position, he then knelt down and pulled her knickers down and pushed his nose into her mound. He pushed her back onto the settee and licked and nuzzled her fanny for ages as she held his head whilst she writhed about from the attention, occasionally lifting her legs so he could get close to her arsehole with his tongue. Dr S then raised his body a little and held the head of his cock as he tried to push it into a very very wet looking pussy, Julia winced and obviously wasn’t used to such a big girth but slowly began to relax as he edged it inch by inch into her very wet hole. Julia was frantic as his motion began to increase with speed and ferocity and she held his head as she forced her tits into his face, the contrast of his brown body and her very pale skin made porn films looks very tame. After a few minutes Dr S lifted Julia whilst she was still impaled on his cock and sat himself on the settee which left Julia on top. She bounced vigorously up and down for ages with grunts that must have coincided with her orgasms before he just went rigid and held her tight as he obviously released his sperm into her. They sat there for a while with very heavy kisses before she rolled off and sat on the floor. Dr S went out of the room and brought back a towel and she used it to wipe her pussy before using it to wipe his cock clean. Julia drank her wine before they started dressing and it was at this point I decided to leave and head home. Julia rang me at midnight with music blaring in the background which I assume was to give some authenticity to her ‘works do’ story and said that she was getting a lift from Shelley at about 1-00 a.m. I went to bed at around 12-40 and lay there until she came in, she went to the bathroom and came out after a short while and sneaked into bed before dropping off to sleep. The next day I asked if she had had a good time and she told me that it was the usual type of works do with nothing very interesting happening……………………..I can’t wait fro the next one if that’s the case. I continue to monitor her email. I hope you like the story, some feedback would be great.