Written by pete

5 Jul 2011

Three months we had been married…..three months, Julie is 25 I am 28

It was a Friday evening two weeks ago, I had been working, Julie and I were going out that night, couple of bars and then onto a club.

When I got home from work, July had just got in from her Gym session, dressed in pale blue tight lycra shorts and lycra top, I gave her a playful slap on the bum and jokingly said “going like that are you”? “you wish” was her reply, she headed for the shower, while I had a drink, when she came down I nearly spilt my drink, she was dressed in her black lycra shorts and crop top, You are not going like that? Oh yes I am she replied, so we had a bit of a row, Julie said I am going out, you can join me later if you want. I showered and kicked my heels for a while, and decided I would join Julie, took me a few pubs to find her, and when I did she was sitting with one of her mates, a bright smile when I walked in told me the spat was over, I bought them both a drink, and we chatted for a while, Julie and I then moved on, the next pub was busier, and some of my friends were there, after a while Julie complained to me that one of my mates had been grabbing her bum, I explained he wasn’t exactly a mate and if she will wear shorts that show off her camel toe, what did she expect.

Shortly after we all moved off to the night club, Julie joined some of her mates and I sat chatting to mine, Malcolm the not so mate kept nipping off to dance when Julie and her mates were, I suspected he wanted a crafty feel of her arse again, and smiled to myself at his futile attempts.

About 2 hours later one of Julie’s mates came over to ask where Julie was?

I was surprised as although I hadn’t seen her, I assumed she was with them, a fruitless search took place, but no Julie, I went to look outside, it was warm enough for people to sit out there. Still no Julie, for some reason I went round the back of the night club, it backs onto a river with a small footway on the bank, I could make out a few couples, but none of them Julie, all the way round I went til I came to the side of the building, it was pretty dark, but that was definitely Julie, with her top off and her tongue down Malcolm’s throat, my blood ran cold, but I seemed powerless to do anything at all as his hands played with my Julies ample breasts, I also noticed for the first time Malcolm’s cock was in Julies hand, bloody hell I thought.

They pulled apart long enough for Malcolm to pull Julies shorts down, he then put her against the building and slid into her from behind, the cow was thoroughly enjoying it squealing and pushing back, it wasn’t long before they both came, I slipped back inside my head a daze, a few minutes later Julie came back in, and sat next to me chatting away as if nothing happened, I haven’t mentioned to Julie I know, cus honestly I don’t know what to do.