Written by Davejulie

5 Aug 2009

Me (Dave) & Julie (gf) go drinking each weekend around Liverpool City Center, we alway having fun meeting new poeple specialy visitors telling them the best places to drink depending on age!

We usally start of on Hanover street and end up in Mathew Street.

This particular saturday night was pretty much the same but Julie was wearing a summers dress that was knee hight but no knickers as it was a hot nght, drinks flowing and i knew Julie was a bit horny as she kept on saying to me "are you going to fuck me hard tonight" of course love i said.

Any way we went to all the normal pubs from o'neils-blob-yates-american irish bar & lennons bar and so on, it was getting late so we said we go for one more before heading home, we ended up in the Lisbon went down the stairs to the bar and as we was getting served 2 guys where at the bar drinking the bar was fairly full. The 2 guys stated chatting to Julie as i went to the toilets as i got back i heard Julie saying that she was a man in drag and laughing then one of the guys put his had up her dress and felt her wet and warm clit and told the other guy to do the same which he did.

By this time both guys were rubbing her pussy this got me hard just watching.

I suggested to the guys to come around the corner as it was low lit and more private so we sat down and was chatting as they where touching her, they had a few dancers with her one by one as the night went on.

As it was last orders we said our goodbye's when one of the guys said do you fancy comming back to our hotel for a drink i knew Julie was up for it so i said ok, so of we went.

At the hotel the guys had separate rooms but they was with others guys with them, the room we where in was 2 bed room and an ensuit \julie went into the bathroom to freshen up while in there one of the guys went in there with her. They was in there for about 5mins i could hear her getting pleasured by him so me and the other guy stayed outside and waited for them to come out, the other guy put the porn channel on.

As she came out without her dress on and lay on the bed the guy came out just after her also naked he then spread her legs and entered her fucking her slowly as the other guy got his prick out and offered it to her mouth which she excepted with a grin mean while i put my cock in her hand.

Here was my gf sucking, fucking and wanking me at the same time she must have cum 3-4 time until we all swap positions and she came again a few more time, this went on for the next 2 hours until we decided to leave in the small hours.

When we got her home i got to fuck her again as she was telling me how she love getting spitroasted dv,and dp This is another true story and we are hoping for a repeat performance sometime xxxx