Written by Lindos eeyore

26 Jun 2009

This story relates to true events that happened when my wife had to stay over at a hotel in Preston due to working late fitting out a shop on a new retail park.

Julie is amazing to look at, size 8 with a great arse and perfect tits real model proportions.

The episode all started with Julie flirting all day with one of the other married managers (Phil) who was really up for it, she is an incredible cocktease and was flashing alot of flesh giving him a visible hard on and he kept asking what her room number was for later on.

When they finished work both Julie and Phil joined their co-workers for a full on drinking session in the hotel bar, Phil made sure he sat next to Julie and was feeling her up under the table and whispering to her how he was going to fuck her brains out.

The drink flowed and the group got more raucous so much so that a couple of guys in army uniform who had been sitting at the bar started to join in with the banter. These guys were an Army officer and a sergeant (both married) who were also staying in the hotel, well this put Julie in her element as she loves fit blokes in the forces and especially those who are married as she likes to fuck other womens men as it gives her a sense of power however this turn of events had given her a bit of a dilemma in that she had been cock teasing Phil all day but now she wanted to be fucked rigid by the army guys.

All the co-workers could see that Phil had been feeling Julie up all night and now the Army officer was at the other side of her getting in on the action - she was being a complete slut but she'd had enough drink not to care and when one the older women in the group asked her what she was going to do in regard to Phil and the army officer she replied 'I'll just fuck them both' much to her disgust.

As the bar closed, Phil went to the gents and Julie asked the officer what his room number was for later. Phil returned and Julie grabbed his hand and went for the stairs, Phil thought he had won the battle to fuck her not knowing her plan.

Once in the room Julie dropped to her knees and took his teased cock out of his trousers and sucked it deep into the back of her throat, she caressed his balls knowing that it wasn't going to be long before he shot his load have been cockteased all day. She pushed him on the bed pulled her knickers to the side like a cheap whore and straddled his cock, she put his throbbing cock at the entrance of her soaking cunt and then held it there teasing him even more, asking him if he would like to fuck a horny little slut while his wife was at home looking after the kids, Phil replied god yes he would love to fuck her cunt. Julie then said you are going to have to beg to fuck my tight cunt, Phil was close to exploding and begged 'please let me fuck your tight cunt' with that Julie plunged down onto his cock right down to his balls and then eased back up slowly and then down fast again repeating this over and over while asking him if her cunt was tighter than his wifes. Phil could hardly speak while Julie was fucking his brains out asking him if he was going to cum in her tight wet cunt and with that Phil went rigid and Julie sunk down onto his balls again and reached around and squeezed his balls to ensure she milked every drop of cum out of him. Phil was convulsing as he shot his load deep within her cunt calling her all the sluts and whores under the sun.

Once Phil's orgasm had subsided, Julie slipped off his cock readjusted her knickers ensuring she didn't spill a drop of cum and said right I'm off to get myself a real man, pecked Phil on the cheek and said 'best not tell your wife what you've been upto tonight' and headed off to the officers room.

She was greeted by the officer who showed her straight to the bed, what Julie wasn't expecting was that the sergeant was also in the room watching the hotel porn channel, but it was the officer who was the forceful one as he knew that he was dealing with a complete and utter slut and he was determined to give her the fucking of her life and whereas with Phil Julie had been in control it was quite clear she had met her match with this guy.

He ordered her to take her clothes off leaving just her knickers on while he unleashed his huge 9"cock from his uniform, he grabbed hold of her hair and forced her onto her knees for the second time that night. He proceeded to fuck her mouth roughly and rubbing his cock all over her face and calling her cheap little whore - Julie was loving it, the sergeant was just sitting in the corner watching quietly whilst rubbing his cock through his uniform.

The officer then dragged her up and bent her over the bed and ripped her knickers off tearing them to bits, he grasped hold of her hair tightly put his other hand on the small of her back and then positioned his huge wet cock at the entrance of her cum dripping cunt. He said that he could see that she had already had one load that night but that now he was going to make sure her filthy wet cunt would be stretched and battered like never before and with that rammed it all the way in making her scream so loud that half the hotel probably heard her, he continue to hammer into her, slapping her arse with such force that it was leaving red hand mark, he was ordering her to tell the sergeant that she was dirty little slag who needed a good fucking. He was reaching round and mauling her tits and frigging her clit so hard that he made her cum on his cock but he just continued to thrust away until eventually he grabbed her hair so hard it forced her head back as his pumped what seemed like gallons of cum deep into her used and abused cunt hole. Julie slumped forward onto the bed like a ragdoll absolutely fucked but the officer wasn't having any of it as he got onto the bed and ordered her to lick his cock clean which she duly did.

As she was licking him clean her arse was in the air giving the sergeant the view of her gaping cumsoaked cunt who was now wanking in the corner. Julie asked him if he would like a go to which he replied 'no, I'm ok i've only just got married and don't want to be unfaithful'. This was too much of a challenge to pass up for Julie as she got off the bed and walked towards him caressing her tits and dipping her fingers in and out of her cunt and into her mouth, she knelt before him and said a blowjob isn't being unfathful and although he put a little resistence she took his 7" cock into her mouth and sucked him long and hard massaging his balls till she could tell he was about to cum and then at that point she swivelled round and sat on his cock and started fucking him rigorously while he protested until he came in her stretched cunt, Julie gave a wry smile to officer sat on the bed and said '3 married men in one night what an acheivement'.

Julie didn't return to her own room til 7 in the morning as the officer had her a couple of more times, she showered and went to work. She had cum dibbling from her cunt all day and Phil was like a puppy dog following her round all day but she wasn't interested anymore as she had acheived her goal

We still pass the hotel on a regular basis and everytime it gives me a hard-on to know what an amazing slut my wife is and Julie always has that wry smile on her face.