Written by Julie

11 Aug 2009

Iam Julie a married woman in my mid 30s still with an attractive figure which gets me the glances. One night I was coming home from Birmingham in the train and it was fairly crowded. I stood in the open area between two carriages sort of crushed in by folks around me. About normal for our over crowded trains.

Sudenly I was aware of a hand gently feeling my bum through my skirt. I was so tight packed in that it was difficult to even turn to see who was doing it and so I decided to just go with it rather than make a scene.

He must have realised and his hand was easing up under my short skirt and if Iam totally honest I was getting turned on. I turned and tried to see but three black guys in their late teens were hemming me in. The hand had crept inside my skirt and as it was hot weather I was not wearing tights hust a pair of red thong panties which I was concious of being moved to one side. The tip of his finger found my clitty and began to gently rub making me breathe more heavily as I got slightly red faced hoping that no one could sense what was going on.

We srrived at one of the main stations and people began to get off the train leaving it fairly empty but I was still sandwiched against the closed door by this crowd of black youths. It was clear that one of them had been enjoying himself and the others were aware of it. I checked up and down the coach --Empty. One of them was saying how nice I looked and I felt my arms held by two of them as the other two felt my breasts and bum before hauling down my panties and raising my skirt to give the others a view.

I was worried but excited as I felt hands exploring me and my blouse being opened and my bra unclipped. Seeing that I was not objecting too strongly they guided me to a long seat and laid me down. One guy got out his cock and put it in my hand. It felt huge and was hardening. I looked around and the others were showing theirs too all quite big.

Their leader or he seemed to be that asked me if I had ever had black cock and I said no. He said that they wouldn't rape me but I could have a lot of fun. He gestured to the youngest of the group. A slim guy of around 18 and said that he had never had a white woman before and would I like to be his first.

The guy smiled and moved closer to me feeling my breasts and then sucking my nipples as I reached down for his cock. I ran my hand up and down the thick shaft making it harder and then he moved to my mouth. Opening my mouth I took a little of his cock in moving my head back and forth before he pulled away and slipped on a condom looking at me for a reaction. I nodded and he moved between my thighs. There was absolute silence from his mates as he moved forward and in, His thick black length stretching me. His thrusts were slow at first as his hands wxplored my boobs and bum and I slid my hands up and down his smooth back.

Presently his thrusts became more urgent and I felt him gasping then throbbing inside me as he emptied his heavy load into the condom. He withdrew slowly moving away and his place was taken by another whilst a third moved to my mouth.

It seemed to last forever and I came several times before they were done with me as the train approached my station.

I made myself decent and sat with them to chat. I was given a phone number and told to ask for Zac if I wanted to meet them again where they could entertain.

I left the train in a dishevelled state picking up my car and calling at a pub to use the Ladies to make myself decent before facing my husband.

I decided that what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him and as long as he didn't have sex with me that night I could get away with it.

I was wrong. The randy sod was after me as soon as I walked in and finding me soaking wet and enlarged he wanted to know all about it. I told him expecting him to hit the room but instead he fucked me really hard demanding to know every detail and how it had felt.

He asked if I would meet them again and I said of course not unless he wanted me to. I was amazed when he said he would love to see me with them and join in. The very thought turned us both on again and we were at it again.

After a week he asked me if I fancied ringing the number. Of course I did but thats for later