Written by kevinhevin

5 Mar 2009

I wanted to relay a story to you that my wife once told me whilst we were having sex. I used to get off on her telling me about past experiences and i would try and put myself if the other guys shoes and imagine what he did and how he did it. This particular event was over a fairly short period where my wife used to work, she was only in her late teens and had just started work. Money was tight at the time so any savings she could make were greatly received. At the time she was around 5’6” tall about 8 stone in weight and lumps and bumps in proportion. As the new girl in the office she was tasked with answering the phone, typing basic letters for the sales guys and occasionally making the tea. Because of the array of jobs she had it meant that she got to know everyone very quickly.

Julie lived on the outskirts of Leeds on her own in a rented flat she couldn’t really afford but nevertheless wanted that independence. Bus fares into work were an expense she didn’t need so readily accepted the offer of a lift from the guy in the drawing office (Steven), when asked. The guy also took home his colleague from the same office. Julie was always asked to sit in the back seat and the colleague (John) would put his seat forward so Julie could climb into the back of the two door vehicle. After a couple of weeks the guys would have a little banter with Julie and occasionally would drop innuendos into the conversation regarding what they could do to her in the back of the car. Julie largely just laughed it off and made light of the situation, but admitted that sometimes she would fantasise what they could do and it turned her on. On one particular night in Winter Steven and John joked about it being cold and about getting Julie to warm them up while the frost went off the car, Julie thought they were joking and just laughed it off with ‘I can’t imagine how i could do that’? This was obviously the chance for Steven and John to get the conversation into pervy mode and he told her he thought she was wearing stockings as he had noted the tell tale lump inder her skirt and perhaps she couild confirm it by letting them see. Julie was a embarrassed and said that she didn’t see how that would warm them up. Steven said that it would certainly get the blood flowing round his body and said “go on, just a little peak, after all i have been giving you all these lifts”. Julie thought about it and reluctantly said that she would but wanted to be sure that they wouldn’t tell anyone. They both promptly promised and turned round towards Julie. Julie slid her skirt up her legs so they could just see her stocking tops and the clasps and just as quickly pulled her skirt back down. The guys were very disappointed in the quick show but decided to leave it there for the day.

The day after and before they started there journey Steve turned to Julie and said “don’t forget we can’t set off till we’ve seen your stockings” Julie laughed but still obliged but as she was lifting her skirt he added “this time for a whole minute” Julie complained but complied with the latest request, knees firmly together. This ritual went on for several weeks and almost became habit without them asking, they would all get in the car and then turn round and Julie lifted her skirt. Steve started getting a little bored with this arrangement and proposed that Julie should increase her lift payments by letting them touch her legs and feel the silky stockings.Julie wasn’t in a position to complain because the free lifts meant she had money to eat. Steve said all they were doing was getting a little thrill after a hard days workand no one was getting hurt. Julie considered it and on the first few occasions held each of there arms so that the stocking top was the acceptable boundary. This obviously became the norm for each ride home and after a while she noted that their finger tips would get closer to her pussy. Julie admitted to me that she felt that she had to react negatively but had in fact fantasised about them making contact with her underwear.

During early spring and the lighter nights it became fairly risky for them to be in the car park carrying out this ritual so John suggested that she should ‘pay them’ at the local park. Julie was uneasy about it but did not want the unnecessary bus fares and just went along with the latest request. Steve would always park in a remote part of the car park so that it would go unnoticed by other park users but would also give them the opportunity to push things further. On the first occasion John slid his hand up her thigh as usual but accidently went too far and prodded her pussy through her thong, Julie jumped as it was like an electric pulse but stayed in the same position, this allowed John to gently ease her legs apart and look up her skirt and for the first time spot the silky black material of her knickers . Julie was beside herself and felt her pussy getting very wet and so pushed John’s arm away. Steve smiled at Julie as she she shuffled herself to allow him his ‘access’ and he just went straight up her skirt and held his fingers firmly agianst her pussy allowing the moisture to meet his finger tips. Julie didn’t care anymore and he pushed her knees apart with his free hand and slid a finger into her around her thong and motioned it back and forth until Julie shuddered to her very first orgasm. Feeling a little flushed and very embarrassed Julie said that she needed to go and they duly dropped her home.

The following day Steve went to Julies office and said that he was sorry about last night it was just he found her son attractive and couldn’t resist going for it. Julie said it was ok but didn’t want then to think they could just do anything they wanted. Things cooled off for a while but as Julie got out of the car each night Steve would playfully try and slip his hand up her skirt and nip her thigh or tug her thong.

Julie was going through a very hard time with money and confided in John and Steve that she was behind with her rent and was having to look for somewhere else to live unless she could pay her back rent of £140. Julie secretly wanted this to be an opportunity for them to pay back the favours and liberties they had taken but was too shy to appear demanding. Steve and John had obviously thought this over and thought if she moved they would not have the pleasure of her company on the trips home and between them they came up with the cash , She refused at first as she couldn’t see when she could pay it back but they both said it was ok. Once her rent was paid the guys suggested that Julie could pay them off with ‘other things’ and told her that if she would have a little cuddle with them now and again they would forget about the money. Julie wasn’t keen but knew that she would have to do something. Steve came up with the idea that during the summer they could go to the park and she could take it in turns of giving the guys their cuddle in the car while the other one watched out for anyone coming. Julie reluctantly agreed and so the deal was set. On the first occasion the boys couldn’t decide who should go first but John said age should take the precendent and got in the back of the car with Julie. Not knowing how far Julie would go it started with some passionate kissing with tongues and slowly developed into a grope where John could get his hand into her blouse and touch her breasts, first through her bra and then lifting the bra over her breasts and squeezing her nipples. John was rock hard and therefore desperate for Julie to touch him and suggested that she undo his flies. Julie was getting all flustered and moved her hand to the large bulge in his trousers, undid his flies and slid her hand into his underpants roughly squeezing his cock. Julie noted that Steve was standing by the side window and watching her play with their colleagues cock and meeting all expectations she started to slowly wank John off and only after a few minutes he shot his spunk into her hand. Steve was getting very impatient and was sporting what Julie could see was a very large lump in his trousers, he knocked on the window and declared it was now his turn. John put his cock away, kissed Julie lightly and then got out. Steve slid in the back with Julie and said he would like a little bit of the same as she gave John and his hands went straight for her tits, squeezing, kneeding and pulling her very erect nipples. He opened his own flies and asked Julie to do what she had previously done for John..Julie said his cock was much larger than Johns and already very wet with pre-cum. Julie slowly began to rub his cock with both hands and Steve slid his hand under her skirt and pushed a finger into her pussy, then two and then three, Julie was so wet. Julie gasped on receipt of the third finger but pushed back against it and he motioned it back and forth. Steve tugged her knickers down to her ankles and asked if he could put his cock inside and although Julie wanted it she said no but she said she would finish him off some other way and pushed him back into the seat, Julie lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him off till he came, she swallowed it all and he lay back out of breath. They dressed and they took Julie home with both guys sporting huge grins. Similar activities took place about once a fortnight until the nights started to draw in and always fell short of full sex.