Written by Private

3 Jul 2019

I hope you all enjoyed part 1 of the Birthday treat for Julie. Well the second instalment finds me on the way back from Jeffs house naked under my raincoat feeling very naughty but also very wet. The rain was still coming down as I parked the car at the rear of the house. I skipped up the garden and found my BF was home. I will try and sneak upstairs without him knowing I told myself. I got in and slipped my raincoat off and slipped my string off. It was soaking with my pussy juice and quickly went over to the washing machine and threw it in. Now I slowly walked over the kitchen floor and into the hall. My BF was in the lounge and the door half closed. As I got to the bottom of the star my BF called out how did it go with Jeff. I went up two steps and replied very good darling and went about halfway when my BF asked well coming home naked it must have gone well. I turned there he was at the bottom of the stair. He asked well did Jeff fuck you. I wiggled my ample arse come on up and you can check for yourself. We had a great fuck I explained to my BF what I had planned for Julie and how I had convinced Jeff. I was so wet explaining it to my BF and I kept playing with myself and I could feel his sperm running from my pussy over my fingers and arse hole. My BF said you know who we should invite is Donna and her hubby. Fuck no I said they hate each other and have fallen out badly He replied all the better then. Donna is about 40 blonde and about 5ft8”with a figure to die for, however is a complete cow at times and has no time for Julie and her patronising attitude, so we have a little bit in common lol.

Don’t worry my BF said I know her husband well and he is always saying how wild she gets after a few drinks. Ok I will tell Jeff it’s only 5 couples he needs to invite. Over the next week or so Jeff and I were in contact most days and discussing how things were going and finalising the plans. The cottage was booked and all things in place. The weather looked great with warm days promised.As it was a surprise we made our way separately I thought me and the BF should get there early and get things ready. The cottage was certainly secluded and as we arrived it was just as I hoped for. It had plenty of parking and large grounds with three bedrooms and a large lounge. In the garden facing the sea there was a large patio with sun loungers and top it off a large hot tub. This must have set Jeff back a bit my BF quizzed. You complaining? oh no he said plus you get to Fuck the birthday girl I added. His eyes and face lit up as he has never had the chance before with Julie. One by one the couples started to arrive some were close friends of Jeff which I thought was risky, his neighbours, his boss and his wife along with Donna and her husband. Everyone started on mingle and explore the grounds and cottage sipping on Prosecco. I gathered everyone around and introduced myself and asked whether Jeff had told them about the weekend. Yes was the answer from everyone giggling and laughing. Donna looked left out but then the penny dropped I had asked her to come away with us and not Jeff and hadn’t told her how it was to unfold.How am I going to get out of this was running through my head. What arrangements and everyone laughed. Tell me what arrangements Donna asked again. Her husband was trying to look as if didn’t know which didn’t help. My BF stepped in and said it is gangbang where Julie is going to be fucked by us men all weekend. You have got to joking Donna said no way am I staying get your things she said to her husband. I felt really awkward. But then I thought let’s turn it around. Donna I addressed her I know you and Julie don’t get on and it was not a good idea on my part to have asked you. But on the other hand can you imagine how Julie is going to feel her biggest enemy laughing at her. The shame Julie will feel knowing you have watched her fucking her friends husbands and what control you will have on her. She paused and looked at her husband and then around the room. Go on one of the women encouraged her. Yes another one said she will be putty in your hands. There is something else that might help make you change your mind. What Donna enquired in a more quizzical reply. We will let you take as many photographs of her being used and I will give Julie’s mobile number. So the next time you argue you can sent her a reminder, everyone laughed. I must be mad Donna eventually replied, but we will stay. In fact she went on to say that the humiliation will be the best part.

I took Donna to one side and apologised and she accepted. You read about things like this but I never thought I would be involved. But it has said she felt so turned on and horny.. Well I am glad I said and went on to ask If you don’t mind I have a special Job for you on Sunday afternoon. Ok she said. I handed her a small box. Keep it safe and don’t open it.

Part 3 to come. Let me have your comments. More crude the better and please ladies give me your dirty thoughts xxx