Written by Private

20 Sep 2018

Some of you have been following my Car Dare adventures you might need to catch up on them before or even after you read this account.It’s been a little while since our last adventure in the car. It was a strange feeling being humiliated in front of those strange women and having full on lesbian sex with Julie. The thought of those younger women getting turned on by our naked bodies was such a turn on. Jeff and Julie have taken a new direction with Julie now getting into dogging. We were chatting over a cup of coffee in our local coffee house and Julie was explaining how they got into it. I was feeling really jealous knowing she was getting plenty of cock and attention. Julie has got into it in a big way and later that evening I started to explain to my BF what Julie had been up to. He seemed to know that Julie had been dogging he also knew that they were going dogging last Saturday night and he knew where. I couldn’t get the thought of her sucking guys off out of my head. Shall we go for a sneaky look I asked my BF yes was the immediate answer. So Saturday came and we got ready I was more than turned on and got dressed in my sexy string and vest top with no bra along with short skirt and heels. Off we drove and headed out into the dark night. We talked about what we might see,and what Julie would be doing to the men. My pussy was soaking and aching in anticipation. We eventually turned off into a quite Lane and quietly came to a stop. Are you sure we are in the right place I asked my BF. Be patient he replied and we got out of the car and walked down a narrow path through some trees trying to be as quiet as possible. We could see a large car park with about 6 cars parked up. We stayed out of site and waited for about 10 minuets or so and then all of a sudden a car drove in with its bright lights lighting up the cars. It circled a couple of times kind of checking the situation out. Fuck you were right I said to my BF it was Jeffs Mercedes. The car parked some 20 yards from the other cars. The engine was switched off. I could just make out Jeff and Julie then they flashed their lights twice. This was the signal and out came a group of 10 or so people out of the cars. There was at least two women from what I could see. Julie stepped out of the car in just a small black string and heels her bare tits bouncing as she walked towards the assembled people. As she walked Jeff put his lights on illuminating her nearly naked body. Fucking hell my BF sighed she is such a slut. She continued walking and the two women walked to meet her. In there hands was a dog collar which they slipped and buckled up around her neck. The other woman tied a dog lead to it and led her over to the men. A towel was thrown on the floor and Julie was pushed to her knees. Immediately the guys pulled their cocks out and the first guy pushed his cock into Julie’s face she turned and without hesitation opened her lips and slid her mouth over his shaft. The next guy pushed his cock towards her and she took it in her hand and started to wank it. The other guys started to encircle her obscuring our view. It was like a frenzy the women were goading Julie. Suck his cock you slut, lick his balls bitch. I was so turned on my hand was on my pussy. A big cheer came from the group at the same time as Julie came back into view. The guy she was sucking off had shot his load of salty cum into her mouth. Julie was pulled to her feet and fog marched to the picnic table with the women proudly taking their slut under their control. Julie was bent over the table and one of the women pulled her string down exposing her pussy and arse. A big cheer went up again as the string was passed around with the men licking her sticky juices off her gusset. Her arms were held down and another guy entered her from behind. Go on empty your balls into her shouted the women he didn’t last long and gave her a pussy full of spunk. Another guy took his place and two cocks were forced towards her face. Within seconds her face was splattered with two loads of spunk. This was too much for the guy fucking her who shot his load over her shapely arse.

At this point the sticky cum was running down between her arse cheeks The towel was thrown on the table and Julie was spun around and placed on her back. Her legs were pulled apart exposing her gaping cunt running in spunk. Her face was plastered in cum along with her short raven black hair. The solitary black guy stepped forward completely naked and slid his thick 8inch cock into her and more insults were thrown at Julie she was loving it and started to squirt her juices as she started to cum. As she started to groan out loud another stream of thick white sperm shot across her face and tits. The other guy who she was sucking shot his load over her 38d tits. It only left the naked black guy left and the women were now shouting encouragement to him fill the white slut with black mans spunk. His arse twitched and started to pump Julie full of spunk. As he finished Julie was pulled to her feet. She staggered with sperm running freely down her legs. The two women undid the lead and collar. Now fuck off you dirty slag one said, the other shouted I hope you are on the pill you slut your not too old to be knocked up and they laughed as she walked gingerly to Jeffs car. Julie got into the car and off they drove. I was desperate to be fucked and as we got to the car all I could think about was the amount of sperm. We fucked all night when we got home. But I need to see Julie to get her thoughts. Do I try it, what would my BF think with different men’s sperm in me. Perhaps I will let you know,??