Written by Lipspreader8

24 Jun 2013

This is about a story I was told a couple of years ago, Julie story reminded me of it so I was told about a teacher and her hubby that went dogging, she was ok with it to please hubby as long as it wasn't local to where they lived.

So on the evening in question they set of about ten miles away, to a dogging site where the wife had agreed to lay backwards on the bonnet naked except for holdups, heels and a blindfold. Well all was going well and a couple of blokes had played with her, licked, fingered her and fucked her with a condom on. There were a few blokes gathered around by now and there were three young blokes all sporting good size erections. Well there were hands feeling her all over tits being sucked.

Then one of the young blokes pushed his cock right up her and his mate had his cock in her mouth. After he had cum they all swopped places and the one that had just fucked her put his cock in her mouth for her to clean up one of the young blokes took some pic's of her with his phone. All went well and she got a good shagging hubby was happy with how the evening went wife was a bit sore. so they went home.

Well about a week later one of her pupils had a detention and during the detention he showed her a picture of her sprawled across the bonnet, He said she was to come to this address if she wanted to keep this quiet and not to tell hubby.

Well a bit frightened she went to the address and there were four other students there. There plan was for there silence they could shag her when ever they wanted and sometime all four at they same time. She said she couldn't so the young bloke threatened to put the pic's over the internet. So for the next two years she was shagged regular by all of then individually and in a gangbang when ever they wanted. She actually got to like being used and was happy for them to introduce more of there friends.