Written by john

1 Jul 2007

me and my wife have just returned from one hell of a great holiday in cyprus..my wife is pretty 42 nature blond and very fit size 8-10 with nice shaped 34 D breast's.

we arrived at our hotel on the Saturday evening and placed our bags down and headed for the night life which we had a great night and then the next day got by the pool which had a pool bar which you swam up to and my wife of course all ways sunbathes topless which does make her stand out a bit and catches the eyes of young and old..she decided to get a drink and swam over to the bar and sat on the stool in the water which the bar guy peter spoke good English and was playing her up and placing ice on her..she came back to the sun bed and peter came over with the drinks and poured a Little of the drink over her back making her jump up and peter smile..any way has the day went on she kept all amused by going in and out of the pool and as the evening drawn in peter came over and said that there was a great show in the hotel tonight and we should go and he will save us a table so we said we would..once the time came to go out my wife wore this pink dress with no bra and matching thong which you could see from the back and by now she had a good sun tan and the pink and blond hair was a good match..true to his word there was a table put one side next to the bar where peter was now working and kept serving us drinks all night and playing my wife up with jokes and things he would come and sit next to her which i could see she was enjoying the attention as her nipples was sticking out when ever he came over..the night went into morning and with the heat and drink i was wrecked and 3am came and peter said the he and some others was going down to the beach for a party and swim and my wife was up for that which i wanted to go to bed but had to go..when we got to the beach there was about 5 lads and 2 girls some English some not so they pulled the sunbeds around in a circle and got out a bottle of vodka and some beer..was not long before all the talk turned to smut and sex and one of the guys who was with peter said lets spin the bottle and everyone must tell the truth or do a for-fit so some of the others spin the bottle and went on to removing clothes to kissing and asking thing then landed on my wife and the guy said she had to remove her dress no bother she said and off it came to show that she only had her thong left so the game went on and most was down to one item left including my self and landed on peter and they told him he had to pick some one and go behind the hut for 5 min and they could do what they wanted so he picked my wife and they both went off hand in hand and we all played the game more which no one had noticed but it was 20-30 min before they came back..any way was not long before everyone had no clothes on and then it got started and the bottle landed on me and i was asked to go behind the hut with this girl who i would think was around 20-25 and me being 45 was happy to do so and once we got behind the hut she dropped to her knees and took my cock and started to give me a blow job which i must say i only lasted a few min and came in her mouth which she took every bit and licked the top dry..i could not believe it..one back to the group the bottle landed on peter and he said he wanted to finger my wife in front of everyone which i guess with the drink know one cared so he went over to her and she lay on her back and he started to finger her and all the group watching and you could see the lads with rock hards on and next everyone sharted to touch and start having sex..next i new was the girl i went behind the hut with came over and sat next to me and started to rub my cock to hard again and laid me down on my back and place her legs over me and slide on to my cock which i looked a cross at my wife and she had her hands full as all the guys had move over to her and i could see her on her back and peter had his cock deep in side her and one guy each side of her wanking there cock over her mouth which they would slide in her mouth in turn...i lasted longer this time but only 15 min which when she was done she got of me kissed and go her clothes under her arm and walked in to the dark..the other girl must of gone so i sat up on the bed watching my wife with these 3 guys...she was moaning which i new meant she was going to orgasm and the timing must of been good because peter came deep in side her just as she let out a cry..he then got of her and the 2 lads who was wanking got her of the bed and the one lad got on his back and then got my wife to go on him back wards which he put his cock up her bum and the other guy spread her legs and place his cock in her wet pussy...gee my god i had never seen 2 people shaging one person never mind that it was my wife and she was having the time of her life whcih got me hard again so started to wank my self and peter was at this time hard again and went back over and placed his cock in her mouth which she now had every hole filed and i wanked my self cuming on the sand and then the lads came and peter..they al got up and we all smiled and decided to go in to the water to clean up so we did that and did not think it was 5.30am and getting light so we came out of the sea got dressed and walked back up to the hotel and once there the lads went one way and gave my wife a kiss and peter gave her a good kiss and went to his room and we went to ours which we slept till 4pm that day...well we did have more fun on and off in the holiday which we both could say was good and now back..cant stop thinking about it as back to the dull life