Written by Lucky Boy

3 Aug 2018

I posted this four years ago. I have tidied it up and corrected some grammar and I thought I would post it again.

Its is a long story, but completely true and I hope not too boring. It's difficult to know where exactly to start.

It all began over 40 years ago. I was reasonably happily married, but I did enjoy the fun of occasionally playing away from home. It wasn't that my wife was not attractive, or unimaginative in bed, quite the opposite, but I enjoyed the thrill of the chase. It was a challenge and I never boasted about my conquests afterwards, I just put notches on a mental head board.

I worked for a large international company, based in the south and one day in the mid-seventies we were visiting the operations side at the other end of the country. During the tour we were introduced to two very different, but very strikingly attractive young women. I told myself there and then I'm going to fuck those two. (sadly, I failed with one). Fast forward a year and. I was transferred to the part of the company where these two lovely creatures worked. I had several more affairs and as I found out later my wife also had one.

By this time I had begun to work quite closely with June, one of the two women I had met on that earlier tour. She was in what to all intents and purposes seemed like a happy marriage. Bit by bit we got closer and then closer still, but there was no sex, although plenty of talk about sex. I learnt that she and her husband were both virgins when they had married about eight, or nine years earlier and she learnt that I was a bit of a fornicator. We began to meet up after work and often that would end in kissing and cuddling, but no more. We wrote each other letters and poems. She would often tell me when and how, she fucked her husband.

We saw each other with our spouses at company functions. Sometimes we would have our two kids with us. They had none and Tom, June's man had had the snip. With a long term plan, after our second child was born I too, had the snip. That meant if I ever did get to fuck her it would be bareback. June and I also encourage our respective spouses to get close. We all swam together on Sunday afternoon's and June and I sort of used that as an opportunity to "push" my wife, Susan and Tom together, just in case.

One weekend Tom was away at a football match, so I took the opportunity to drop in and visit June. We started kissing and in a very short while I got her tits out and sucked, nibbled and kneaded them for the next hour or so. She cycled into town shortly after and later told me that she had been so wet she was almost sliding all over the saddle.

Our mutual exploration got more adventurous and I was soon getting my fingers in and she would occasionally hold my cock. By this time, we knew there no going back and that we would eventually end up shagging. So far so good, but all this had taken about a year. Neither June or I wanted to leave our partners, we just wanted something extra.

Eventually the opportunity to shag presented itself, my wife was taking the kids to visit her mother and June's husband was going to a sports event for the weekend.

So during the respective absences, June and I shagged like rabbits, savouring the new, the difference and the excitement. It was really quite surprising that for such a late starter she really was something of a high priestess of the horizontal art.

This was heaven (and isn't heaven for ever more?) Meanwhile we worked quite hard at trying to get our spouses started on the same heady spiral, without telling them what we were up to. We knew there was a good deal of empathy between them and odd meetings and coffees became much more frequent.

At this point we were helped by some timely outside intervention. My employer offered me a job in the European head office. This was quite a big thing since it meant relocating with wife and kids.

All the while June and I were still at it at every available chance, in car parks, country lanes and some rather blissful occasions in hotels, for overnights, when we managed to contrive, through work travel, to be in the same cities. We also had regular telephone sex, with both of us masturbating at either end of the phone and describing what we would like to be doing were to have been together. Even I was getting almost more sex than I could reasonably handle. It seemed like I was constantly hard and with so much sex on offer with Susan and June, I more, or less stopped playing away.

At work the negotiations about moving to head office were progressing, what June and I did not realise was that things were also progressing between Susan and Tom. They had decided they wanted to fuck and if they did not quickly get their act together and their clothes off, it would soon be geographically difficult, if not impossible. One day when one of the kids at school, Susan took the other one, who was carry cot size round to Tom for “coffee”. There is no record of what was said, but I suppose it was something along the lines of "would you like one lump or two?".

That night when June came in from work (probably from one of our car park fucks) she noticed that the layout of things in the spare bedroom, which doubled as an office, had changed. She immediately assumed (rightly as it transpired) that Susan and Tom had been shagging

However, nothing was said and we all four carried on as normal. Within a week, or so, it appeared that the procedure had been repeated. I cannot remember how many times this happened, but quite a few. By this time the prospect of the job move had fallen through as they were not prepared to offer me the grade that I wanted, but also now, there were more attractive reasons to stay. I also cannot remember how June proved conclusively to herself that Susan and Tom were having more than coffee once, or twice, a week. I suspect that she found spunk and pussy stains on the spare bedroom sheets.

June and I discussed it. For us it seemed like Utopia. It seemed like all four parties were satisfied with the status quo, but were enjoying a substantial portion of goodies on the side. June and I discussed for a while what to do and one night after work and after a short car park shag, we decided that she and I would confess and confront our partners, to and about the situation that very night. I clearly remember smelling her cunt on my fingers as I drove home elated and revelling at the rapture that was about to unfold.

I was jovial and over drinks after putting the kids to bed I simply said to Susan "I am fucking June and I know that you are fucking Tom". We kicked it about for a while and agreed it was an absolutely ideal arrangement. We liked them both as people, we loved them in bed and it would be truly wonderful if all four of us acknowledged that in addition to deeply loving our spouses, we loved the respective partner on the other side and could so without repercussions. Susan and I got as horny as hell talking about this. We both admitted to having fucked the other partner earlier that day and we just could not believe our good luck, the exciting convenience and the fact the mutual guilt was suddenly assuaged by a glowing, heady, sexual euphoria. With that we went to bed early and fucked lovingly, passionately and heavily, nearly all night long and again in the morning.