Written by Paddy

28 Mar 2008

Just got back from walking the dog in the rain in a local country park. As I was walking back to the deserted car park iI could hear a car revving its engine. As I got closer I saw a van wheel-spinning in a patch of mud, stuck. I guy in his late 20\\\'s jumped out and asked me if I\\\'d tow him out. This was no problem because I drive a 4x4.

After I\\\'d dragged it back on to the car park a plump blonde girl in her late teens or early 20\\\'s jumped out of the back door. She was tanned, wearing lots of makeup and had a massive pair of tits. It was pretty obvious what they were hoping to get up to.

\\\'Hi\\\' I said. \\\'If you want to get up to some hanky-panky don\\\'t let me stop you\\\'. \\\'Er, OK said the guy. \\\'In fact if you don\\\'t mind I\\\'d like to watch you. Return the favor for the rescue.\\\' He looked a little wary. \\\'You wouldn\\\'t mind, would you?\\\' I asked the girl. \\\'I\\\'d like for you to see us fucking. It would turn me on to know that there\\\'s a bloke with a hard on watching me perform.\\\'

We climbed in the van and they introduced themselves as Steve and Kerry as the started to strip. It was obvious that any reservations steve had were gone as he had a boner under his boxer shorts. Kerry took of her hoodie and slipped of her bra. What a pair. Big and still firm with nice sized nips. I watched as Steve fondled them and licked her stiffening nipples\\\'.

Before long we they wer pretty well sripped. Kerrys knickers hoiked to one side so that Steve could finger her as they kissed, Kerry wanking Steves cock. Then kerry started to suck his dick. My cock was straining in my jeans so I undid them and pulled them down to release it.

Next kerry moves her hand and began to wank me as her head bobbed up and down over Steve\\\'s prick. Steve looked at me. It was pretty clear having my cock available to Kerry was making her give him the best blow-job she\\\'d given him. \\\'I think he\\\'s enjoying that Kerry\\\' I said \\\'Now I think he\\\'s ready for a good fuck\\\'. Kerry positioned Steves dick and rammed her wet cunt down around it.

I began wanking furiously seeing Kerrys pussy lips working up and down and cunt juice flowing. \\\'I want your cock in my mouth\\\' said looking at me pulling my big dick. I stood up and offered it to her. She wanked it for a couple of strokes and then stuck it in her mouth and set to work sucking and fucking. I looked down to see Steve on his vineger strokes. \\\'I think Steves about to fire his spunk up you Kerry\\\' I said. \\\'And I\\\'d think I\\\'d like to blow my spunk in to your mouth too. With this Steve groaned as he came. Kerry then wanked and sucked my stiff cock. \\\'I\\\'m cumming\\\' I warned her before spirting my tasty jizz in to her mouth. She swallowed it down and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

\\\'Can we watch you cumming now?\\\' I asked Kerry. She lay back and frigged her clit, Steve fingering her wet cunt full of his cum. I started to wank my stiffening cock again and quickly delivered a shower of hot sperm over her ample tits as she climaxed noisily. She was rubbing my spunk in to her tits as I left.