Written by Misskitty_2008

8 Jul 2008

I’m stood in the kitchen, cooking lunch for you, and can feel my stomach flutter in anticipation of seeing you after three days.. I hear the knock on the window and invite you in… you look good enough to eat… and I intend on doing just that later..

I finish cooking as you open a bottle of wine, we share a long kiss.. a taste of things to come. After eating, we sit and enjoy our wine and catch up over the last few days. I get closer to you, and you look deep into my eyes.. I can feel myself getting warmer, and you see the flush spread across my cleavage.. I tease you and make you laugh, and then ask you if you want to go upstairs.. You give me “that look” and we move..

We undress with indecent haste. I like feeling your skin next to mine. I feel the heat of you, the smell of you is assaulting my senses. I feel your arousal, and it makes me hot. I kiss your face, your lips then move downwards. I look up at you before I reach your cock and your eyes open wide, I grin at you and lick my lips. I lick the tip of your cock, getting it nice and wet. I slowly take you in my mouth licking up and down your shaft as I take you deeper. I squeeze the bottom of your shaft with my fingers as I suck, and can feel you buck in my mouth. I taste you in my mouth and smile to myself.

I know you’re close – but I want you to come inside me so stop sucking you for a moment, and just lick you. I lick your balls and can feel you like it.. I take you in my mouth again and turn to watch you as I suck you harder and faster.. I think watching me suck your cock and enjoying it makes you harder and I taste more of your precum. I can hear your breathing getting faster, and you push yourself in to my mouth and I know you want to come… but I want you in me so slowly pull back. You look at me in shock.. then in comprehension as you realise what I want. I want you on top of me so I can feel the whole of your body against mine. Your cock teases my clit before you push into me – I love the feeling of that first contact.. you have made me so wet. I want to feel you push into me.. you lift my legs above your shoulders – I can feel you pressing against my g-spot and it drives me wild.

As you fuck me I can feel the familiar tightening in my tummy, and can feel you on the verge of coming.. I whisper your name as I feel the most intense orgasm I have ever felt with you, and when you feel me cum it pushes you over the edge. The orgasm we share is so intense it lasts for a long time.

We lay there still joined, letting our breathing and heartbeats slow before we move.

Sweetheart.. I said I would post this, it just seems to be getting better and better… When I’m alone, I only have to think about you and I get hot and wet.. and you wonder why I want you all the time? You make me feel like no-one else has ever done, and you give me the confidence to tell you what I want. And I want you!

Though I have to make do with my little toy when you’re around.. and it in no way matches up to you…..

This kitty still wants more cream…..