Written by Johnthe rep.

28 Oct 2009

I haven't put anything on here for several months but now I'm back and have fund of stories I could write. Here's one.

You may remember, if you have a long memory, that, amongst other things, I used to sell and service household appliances, this was a passport to meeting a lot of women on their own. By that I mean that mostly when I called husbands were normally at work, or they were divorcees or widows, sometimes though it just wasn't like that. I called on Melanie about every six months, there was always something about her, an atmosphere. But, as I have said before, someone in my position had to be ultra careful, so I had never made a move on her.

This time it was different, she stood by me as I serviced her washing machine, she was a good-looking woman in her forties or, perhaps, late thirties. She had a good figure and was always chatty. As I checked the machine through she said, 'You seem an intelligent bloke, why do you do a job like this?' I laughed, 'Well, to start with I earn very good money, I meet lots of people which I like and I can work whatever hours I like, it's like working for yourself really.' 'When you say that you meet lots of people, you mean women, don't you?' I agreed, 'Mainly, yes.'

Then she said, 'I've heard about you.' My ears pricked up at this, I always impressed on my lovers that to tell anyone, even their closest friend, could lead to me losing my job. 'Oh yes? What does that mean?' I responded. 'Well... that you're good at ..... well.... er.. keeping a woman happy.' I looked up at her, she was blushing, 'Is this because you're unhappy?' I asked. 'Well, not exactly, but I do have a problem that I've heard you can sort out.' I was pretty sure I knew what her problem was but, nevertheless, I said, 'And what would that be?'

I could see how embarrassed she was, but in the end her problem was too big not to hope that I would do something about it, 'I ..er..we.. that is my husband can't...you know...do it any longer.' 'Sex, you mean?' She sighed in relief, 'Yes, he has a condition which means ... well..he can't get it up.' 'I see,' I was finished and I got up and went to the sink to wash my hands, 'and I take it that that means you are frustrated?' 'I certainly am, we used to be very active in that direction, now there's nothing.' She moved to me and handed me a towel, she looked directly into my eyes, 'I'm sure I could give you a good time.'

She was very close to me now, I said, 'I bet you could, you look a passionate woman to me.' She put her arms round me, pressing her breasts and pelvis against me, 'Oh, I am, I am!' She kissed me, it certainly was passionate. 'I can see what you want,' I said. 'Give it to me then!' she panted, she put her hand down and felt my cock through my clothing, 'I'm told that you certainly know how to use this!' She gave it a squeeze as I began to get an erection. I kissed her back and felt her breast, it was quite firm, her breathing quickened and she stroked my cock.

Then I picked her up, one arm round her shoulders the other round her knees, 'Where is the bedroom?'Through the hall.' It was a bungalow and I walked down, 'Last door on the left,' she told me. By the time I deposited her on the bed she had her dress unbuttoned and it fell off as I put her down. She was wearing snow white bra and knickers, the knickers were stretch cotton and followed every curve and fold of her pubic area. I started to strip as she removed her bra, 'You can take these off,' she said, nodding down at her knickers. She stared at my cock, I've nothing to boast about, a tad under seven inches but probably a bit thicker than normal.

'You're bigger than my husband,' she told me as I got on the bed. We started kissing and caressing each other, I discovered that she lioked her nipples sucked and she wanked me hard. I said, 'You keep doing that and all this will be a waste of time!' She gave a little giggle, 'Sorry, it's so long since I had one of these in my hand.' Soon I had her knickers off, she spread her legs immediately showing me a lovely cunt, a smallish mound, with neat lips bisecting it and no pubic hair. Did I say she was blonde? As soon as I touched the lips of her cunt they began to swell and open and her juice dribbled down her cleft, she was certainly aroused.

'Do it to me now!' she panted. I mounted her and, taking my cock in my hand, stroked it against her dark pink slippery flesh, she gasped as I rubbed her clit with my rock-hard knob. THen I placed it against the entrance to her vaginal canal, she was very tight there but I eventually eased it in and she gasped again as I slid right up her as far as I could go. Her cunt was so hot it was unbelievable, she was tight as well. I said, 'How long since you had a cock up your fanny?' 'Two years... more. Oh God!' The latter as I began fucking. As usual with a new cunt I didn't last too long, just less than ten minutes. She cried out as I pumped my spunk deep in her desperately needy cunt, she put her hand down and in a few seconds brought herself off. When we'd calmed down she said, 'Sorry about that but I never cum when I'm being fucked, I hope you don't mind?' I shook my head, then she said, 'Can you go again.'

'I can if you can get me hard again,' I replied. 'How would I do that?' 'Suck my cock!' 'I've never done that,' she said doubtfully. 'There's always a first time, haven't you ever tasted a man's spunk?' 'No,' she shook her head. 'Well look, get some on your finger and taste it, it might not be as nasty as you think!' I had just slipped out and she put a finger in her cunt and then hesitantly sucked it. 'Oh.' she said,'I thought it would be really nasty and it isn\'t, is it?\' She bent over me and sucked my cock into her mouth, she really worked hard and inside two minutes I was hard. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, turned her on her back and pushed it into her cunt and started fucking her again.

She loved it, for, as you may know, the second time I can last as long as any woman wants and she got a really good fucking lasting an hour. It was messy alright, as she was lubicating like mad and had already had a cuntful, but that only got her even more worked up and she actually came while I was fucking.

Afterwards she said, 'It was all true then, what I heard about you? You really can solve a woman's problems! Will you come and fuck me again?' 'Of course I will,' I told her, incidentally, where is your husband?' 'Oh, he's out in the garage, he makes things for kids out there, but I'll tell you one thing, he'd love to see you fucking me! Would you ever think of doing that, fucking me in front of him, I mean?' 'God! I don't kmow I never have. Would you want me to do it?'

'Yes, of course I would, I shall tell him what I've done this afternoon, I know it'll thrill him. Anyway, think about it.' I have, and I've fucked her a few times since, but I still can't make my mind up. If I ever do do it, I'll write about it!

Melanie became one of my regulars after that day, she was such a genuinely nice woman and a really nice fuck, she thoroughly enjoys it and once told me that she'd love to 'have' me every day, but then I have several like that!