Written by lonely housewife

15 Jan 2015

Hello. I'm Mary, I'm 55 and my very good friend is Alison who is 32. Before I start we are not lesbians, although there's nothing wrong with that I just wanted to let you know. We have been friends for a long time having a common interest in that Alison is an air hostess and I used to be one some time ago. She tells me about her adventures which usually revolves around sex.

We become close when I shared with her the fact that my husband who is 65 isn't interested in sex at all and would rather be in his garden workshop making things out of wood for his friends and family.

We discussed it and she showed me this sight even suggesting I join and meet people for sex but whilst that's a temptation I would never be unfaithful to my husband.

But a few months ago I was looking for his car keys in his shed when I came across a piece of wood about 10" long with a 4" or 5" girth, I'm not sure what it was for but it looked a lot like a penis.

I asked him what it was and he told me it was a wast piece and he could make it into an ornament for me.

He smoothed the edges which made it even more erotic looking, not that he realised that. When Alison came to visit I showed her, she gave one gasp and agreed that it looked like a penis or in her words and good cock. Over the next few weeks when I was on my own I would use it, I'm not ashamed to say that I would pay on the bed when he was out and slip in inside me. It was so wide that to begin with I took it slow but over a few minutes it would go in deeper and deeper and each time bring me to an amazing orgasm.

One afternoon when he was out Alison came round and immediately asked me if I had used it, I had to admit I had. She said that she wished she had been here when I did, I asked why did she want to watch, laughing thinking she would laugh as well. She said she would love too.

We had seen each other naked before in the swimming room changing area so it was nothing new but this was different. Alison and I sat naked on the bed, I started to use the 'cock' but handed it to her.

I cant' get over the feeling I had watching Alison tease herself with it, rubbing the tip against her nipples before squeezing her ample breasts together to give herself a 'titty fuck'. Before long it was disappearing between her legs, her back would arch and she thrust her pussy making it go deeper. I was getting aroused myself especially when Alison took my hand and out of breath placed it on her breast and asked me to play with her.

I didn't think of it as wrong, I enjoyed squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples even taking them in my mouth sucking her whilst she pounded her self with our toy.

Her orgasm was intense, almost sending me over the top with her.

Alison took it out of herself, pushed me onto my back and pushed it into me thrusting it as though I was being taken by a well hung man. Her hands explored my body cupping my small breasts before she returned the favour and sucked my breasts whilst thrusting it into me.

We both came the same time, the groans would have sent my husband running to see what the matter was if he was in.

We lay there for a good while, Alison half on top of me. Although neither of us are lesbians she did slide on top of me. We didn't kiss but just looked into each others eyes like this was an intense friendship. We did run against each other like a man and woman would making the two of use climax again.

We have enjoyed each other several time since and at last I have a sex life. Alison has a healthy sex life and fucks every time she has a flight and I don't' blame her, she is a gorgeous hazel eyed brunet with a fantastic body. I'm happy with my wooden toy and my friends visits.