Written by Dai_Verse

27 Jan 2014

Is it possible to be friends with a member of the opposite sex without desiring them? I am not sure. I met Sian at a business networking event. She was a self employed business coach. She stood about 5 foot 6 inches tall, was slim, well dressed, medium length light brown hair and green eyes. We had a long and engaging conversation and parted with the promise to meet for coffee.

We met a few days later at a local hotel, conversation flowed and moved on from business opportunities to more personal conversation. It transpired that she was a divorcee with two young adult children. She like me was suffering with the recession but was just about start a short contract in Russia. We parted promising to keep in touch.

Shortly afterwards I suffered a personal disaster, my son died. Frankly, I was in pieces and very depressed. It was times like this that you find who your real friends are and Sian like others was very supportive.

Just before Xmas the next year I was doing some pro bono work on a business programme for a local commercial radio station. Sian was working for free for a local business support organisation, on the promise of jam tomorrow!

I had finished the editing and was heading home for lunch. As I approached where Sian 'worked' I saw her car parked there, so decided to pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. She was all on her own and delighted for some company. Being December, she was wearing a sweater, knee length skirt and thick tights. We chatted away, there was no flirting or sexual innuendo, just normal conversation between friends. I was certainly enjoying myself!

Eventually, I got up to leave. Sian walked around her desk and gave me a massive hug pressing her body into mine. I could feel her pert breasts and Mons Venus. I was surprised and for a second wondered what to do. I whispered into her ear 'If I was a really lucky man I would be stood under some mistletoe' followed by a little laugh and a butterfly kiss under her ear.

She moved her head and looked me in the eye. 'So?'

I leant forward to gently kiss her lips. As they touched I felt them part. I slipped my tongue into her mouth as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself even closer into my body. Frankly, I was really surprised but Hey Ho by now caution was thrown to the wind. I clutched her pert bottom with both hands and rubbed my hardening groin against her. The reaction I got was favourable. I moved my right hand up her body, slipping it under her sweater and up her back. A flick of my fingers and her bra is undone, I moved my hand round and cupped her small pert breast, my thumb gently flicking her hardening nipple. Sian sighs involuntarily into my mouth. I feel her hand slip down my chest and rub my hard cock through my trousers. It was my turn to show my appreciation. 'Jesus, that feels so good!'

Meanwhile my other hand has raised the hem of her skirt to her waist. My other hand releases her breast to help pull down her tights and knickers. I slip a finger along her crack to find it delightfully moist. I push her back and sit her on the edge of the desk. Kneeling down I remove her underwear and gently kiss the insides of her thighs. Sian parted her legs more as I approached her pussy. I gently nibble her labia before running my tongue along the length of her crack. Sian flinches as I do this encouraging me to poke my tongue into her hole. She tasted divine. My tongue moved to her enlarged clitoris, it was pleasantly engorged and my lips encompassed it. As I sucked I slipped two fingers into her fanny. Her hands had grabbed my head and her hips were grinding into my face. She was becoming more vocal, heavy breathing interspersed with 'Yes' and 'Oh My God' then all of a sudden her body tensed and she let out a huge groan. I greedily lapped up her juices as she came. I felt her body relax and I stood up, unbuckling my belt, dropping my trousers releasing my very stiff cock. It was my intent to slip it into her very moist pussy but Sian had other ideas and was on her knees in a nano second, her lips slipping over my bell end, I could feel her tongue rolling around my penis head, suddenly her lips moved down my shaft and as she withdrew she looked up into my eyes. It was exquisite!

She repeated this half a dozen times whilst gently squeezing my balls. I knew I would not last much longer so I gently grabbed her head and stuttered 'Stop, I want to fuck you.'

Sian smiled as she stood up and I turned her to bend over the desk. Normally I like to make love face to face for the first time so I can look into her eyes as I enter but I knew that I wanted to be deep inside Sian. I reached around and found her clit which I massaged with two fingers. I used my other hand to slip my rampant cock into her juicy hole. She felt so tight as I slipped into her. My spare hand slipped up her front and grasped her nipple. I was tweaking it quite hard as I slowly withdrew my cock. Sian was becoming very vocal and screamed as I quickly rammed my cock into her. My tempo increased and I could feel her legs shake. I was literally holding her up.

'Where do you want my cum?'

'Shoot it up me, I want to be filled with your love juices.'

A few thrusts later I obliged with what felt like buckets of juice. We stood there panting and regaining our breath until my cock slipped out of her hot and juicy hole. She turned, embraced me and kissed me deeply.

'Who needs mistletoe?' Sian asked.

That was the best Xmas present I have ever had.