Written by Carl

12 Aug 2018


I want to relate to you an experience that happened to me as a happily married man. Firstly a bit about my self my name is Carl and i am 39 years old. My wife is Sandra and she is 32 years old with really long dark red hair that goes down to her waist. She is five feet five inches tall and size 12 with a 32 b bust. I work for Myself as a repair man doing mostly small jobs and it keeps me busy. My wifes friend is Jenna and she same age as my wife and they have been friends for many years. Jenna is never with any man for very long and has a reputation locally as Raleigh. Saying that they are best of friends and always have a night out together every Friday. Any way back to what i am about to relate to you Jenna was our house one day and said that she had a leaking tap and asked Sandra if i could look at it. She said that she would ask me and get back to her, and has she does not have much money so asked me not to charge her. I said ok and that i would take a look on Friday morning . I arrived just shortly after 9 i checked the tap and it was the connection under the sink which i fixed in no time. I put my tools back in my box and as i was about to leave when did not knowshe said how can i thank you. I told her it was no bother and she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Then she said i can,t trust myself being alone with you and put her hand between my legs and felt my cock. By this time i had an erection so i said i need to go, so when i got home i told Sandra what had happened to which she said she would have a word. Butt this did not stop there and there is more to tell.