Written by Carl

18 Aug 2018

I just need to let you all know how things have worked out with my wife Sandra after her best friend fucked me. I was shocked at my wife's reaction after i confessed to having sex with Jenna in our bed. She showed no signs of anger at i stood there not knowing what was coming next. When she spoke she eventually she told me that she had arranged it with Jenna to come round while she was out. I looked at my wife and said why,, she replied because Jenna wanted to fuck you. I said ok but that,s not what you would want unless you have fucked somebody else. No I have not and i never would do that to you behind your back. Well why then,, i do not understand there has to be a reason.

Well there is something that i need to ask you and if you say no i will be disappointed but i will understand. Well fire away then,, well its rather delicate,, right,, promise me that you wont be angry. Ok i wont be angry, doi promise me.. ok i promise. Well Jenna has got a new bloke is name is Glen and he is black. Right so whats that to us,. Well,, eeeerrrrr,, its eeeeerrr,,, come on love spit it out,, you did promise not to be angry. Just tell me darling,,you have fucked him haven't you ,,no,,, well what then well i have always had a thing about black men. Right so you are going to fuck him then,, well only if you agree it has be with your blessing. Well what about Jenna,, She said we could swap for the weekend. Well how can i say no having fucked Jenna,She looked at me and said is that a yes then,, can i phone her. I said ok but we will need to talk about it and set some rules in place.