Written by Carl

13 Aug 2018

If you read the first part you will have some idea of where we are at this moment it time. My wife Sandra said that she had spoken to her friend Jenna and all was fine between us. Jenna had been round at our house during the day a few times but i was out working so did not see her. Then one Saturday Sandra was going to visit her mum and asked if i wanted to go but as she lives far away she would not be back till late. I passed and said that i would stay home and watch the football on the tv. At lunch time i made myself something to eat along with a beer and settled down in front of the tv. Then about half an hour later there was a knock at the door and when i opened there stood Jenna. I said Sandra is not in she has gone to visit her mum but she will be back later tonight jf you want to speak to her. She said ok but are you not going ask me in oh sorry Jenna how rude of me, She asked what i was doing ,, nothing special just going to watch the football,, would you like a coffee or something. She replied something would be great,, something what i asked,, just then she walked forward and put her hand between legs. I said her look Sandra spoke to you about this i know she replied but i am not a good listener and all the time she was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was backing off until i was until up against the wall when she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. I said look this has to stop here and now but as i spoke she undid my jeans and her hand slid down and was on my cock. Oh really but your cock is telling me a different story,, look she said i want you so stop protesting and take me to bed. By this time she had my cock out and was wanking me.

I was like a lamb going to the slaughter as we went up to the bed room,, i opened the spare bedroom door but she said no not there in your bed. Here i was a happily married man and going to fuck my wifes friend she was impossible to resist as she really is a hot woman. She stripped off what little clothes she was wearing and i was naked in seconds,, she was full on and just took control. She pushed me on to the bed on my back and climbed on top,, she took hold of my cock and fed it into her pussy. Then she started to ride as i lay there letting her (FUCK ME). I have never had a woman like this and i told her was getting near to cuming and she rode me even faster and screamed come on then fill me up. She screamed you dirty filthy cheat fill me,, fill me up,, come inside me now ,, her words tipped me over the edge and i exploded inside her. As we came down from our high she said i have wanted you for years,, and now that i have had you i want more. We fucked on and off for the next fours hours until i ran her home. When i got back the guilt set in and when Sandra came home i could not hold back and i confessed everything as i blurted it out. Sandra,s response was not what i expected and i was in complete shock so now things have changed.