Written by someone300

4 Jul 2007

My wife and I had known Sarah for a number of years and had always talked quite openly about our sex lives.

Sarah had always been a highly sexed girl but had never managed to orgasm through intercourse, oral or through any other means.

Many years ago the 3 of us had tried to sort this problem out by having an education session which led to Sarah getting close but with no cigar.

I have to admit that watching my wife finger another girl was quite a turn on and when I was invited to get my cock out I didn't need to much persuading. During this session there was no penetration but the slap and tickle was enjoyed by all.

Years passed without this session being repeated and then 2 weeks ago things moved to a new level.

Sarah had made it quite clear that she still had not been able to orgasm and was really feeling the frustration.

My wife suggested that we purchase a "rabbit" for Sarah and see if she was up for repeating the session from a few years ago.

The rabbit was duly purchased and we waited for the next time when Sarah would come to stay.

Sarah arrived at 19.00 and was already merry having been out for drinks since lunchtime. It didn't take long before the subject turned to sex and all of Sarah’s usual frustration came boiling over.

My wife then suddenly took the lead and asked Sarah to come upstairs. Sarah followed my wife and sat next to her on the bed.

My wife then asked Sarah to strip as "things were going to get sorted once and for all".

Sarah looked a little nervous but did what was asked. She was then asked to lie on the bed in a spread eagled position.

My wife then asked Sarah whether it was alright to tie her to the bed as this would add to the excitement. Sarah started to back off at this point until we explained what was going to happen.

Sarah being Sarah thought about this and after understanding a bit more about the plan she agreed that we could do anything we wanted if indeed it was going to lead to the Promised Land.

Sarah slowly continued to remove her clothes helped by what now was a very eager wife of mine.

I was instructed to go to the sock draw and get 4 pairs of tights which were to be used as the ties.

Sarah was now naked and told to get on the bed and again asked to spread her arms and legs as wide as possible.

I then took each arm and leg and tied them tightly to the bed iron bed frame.

Sarah was at this point starting to tremble with excitement as what was happening to her was like something out of porn novel.

It was an amazing sight seeing this beautiful, petite woman completely at our mercy.

Sarah’s fanny was in all honesty quite bushy but nothing prepared me for the next steps which was my wife coming into the room with a razor and ordering me to shave the helpless girl.

I quickly got to work and it wasn’t long before there was this fantastic shaven fanny right in front of me. My wife in the meantime had started slowly stroking Sarah’s clit and it wasn’t long before I had 2 fingers up her brand new shaven fanny exploring to my hearts content. Her fanny was incredibly tight and 2 fingers made Sarah gasp.

I could feel Sarah starting to become moist and new she was enjoying the experience.

My wife was the next to strip naked and before I knew it she was between Sarah’s legs, gently licking her shaven mound.

After a couple of minutes my wife took 2 pillows and shoved them under Sarah’s behind in a bid to elevate the increasingly wet fanny that was before us.

I then reached under the bed and took out the new toy. Sarah seemed genuinely shocked by the size of the vibrator but once again said nothing and allowed us to continue.

The end of the rabbit was lubed up and I slowly inserted it into Sarah’s tight fanny.

I remember thinking that this was one of the tightest fanny’s I had ever come across.

I started moving the rabbit up and down and then started the clit stimulator. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was starting to work on Sarah as she was slowly starting to buck against the tightly tied tights that kept her in place.

My wife then slowly positioned herself over Sarah’s mouth and ordered Sarah to lick her .Sarah by this stage was really feeling the electronic pulses of the rabbit so I turned it up a notch. I have never seen anyone react in such a way as Sarah bucked like a bronco and had the biggest orgasm that I have ever seen. She begged me to stop as wave after wave of pleasure hit her body.

Part 1 complete…………… part 2 to follow soon