Written by Jenny

13 Apr 2007

A few years ago a few of our group of couples began to split up mostly growing bored with married life after 20 odd years together and especially now the kids had grown up and left home. Me and my husband had been apart for over two years whilst our friends Mike and Sophie split up just before us. Despite the social upheaval we all still remained friends and on nights out with my work colleagues I would often bump into Mike at various pubs and clubs as we both returned to a single life.On a couple of occassions we would meet up for a drink together normally for a whinge about life in general or sometimes he would pop round for a coffee and we would have a cuddle just for comfort. We had always fancied each other but even though we were free agents we decided that getting together just posed to many problems for us, our ex partners and our social circle. During one of our coffee afternoons the talk got round to sex and a lack of it, we also discussed how we were going to live out our fantasies before settling down for the rest of our lives.

Mikes were many including two women , stranger sex, and he admitted sex with me. Although not shocked I said it was out of the question. I said my fantasy was to have two men make love to me, Mikes reaction was yes that is nice and when I asked how he knew he told me that just after his split from Sophie he had a threesome with a work colleague and his wife after a night out. The work colleague being into swinging.

I couldn`t get that thought out of my head all week and when I was out the following Friday I bumped into Mike who introduced me to this work colleague whose name was Ed, he was slightly older than me but good for his age and I could see by the look in his eye that he fancied me. A few drinks later and Mike came over and asked me what I thought of Ed , I said he was my type, with that Mike asked how I felt about making everyones fantasies come true that night. Without hesitation I said why not lets go.On the way to my flat in the cab the tension was electric with everyone knowing what was going to happen. As soon as we got through the front door I grabbed hold of Mike and kissed him passionately then I did the same to Ed. We moved into the living room where they undressed me, I felt vunerable yet empowered standing there naked in front of these two men, my nipples were hard and my pussy very wet. I began to kiss Ed again while helping him to undress. I then felt Mikes hands from behind me as they cupped my breasts and his lips on my neck, then I felt his rock hard cock against my bum. Ed was now undressed and I had his lovely proportioned cock in my hand slowly wanking it. Mike and Ed then sat on the sofa and I lay across them. I had Ed`s cock in my mouth while Mikes fingers began to pleasure my pussy and arse. Ed was very close to coming as I sucked and wanked his cock , I too was ready thanks to Mikes probing fingers , I came and then told Ed to , his creamy hot spunk streamed into my mouth. I then turned my attention to Mike. All those times alone with my vibrator fantasising about sucking him off were about to come true. His cock to was average but nicely formed and circumcised. I began to lick up and down his shaft before taking his cock fully into my mouth as I slowly played with his balls I increased my speed and Mike soon followed Ed in spurting his load into my mouth. Ed then told me to sit on the sofa as he wanted to go down on my neatly trimmed bush. Ed`s tongue really hit the spot and as Mike played with and kissed my tits I came, the boys swapped places and again the sensation had me oozing cum again. The boys were both hard again and I knew I wanted some cock inside me. I took Mikes cock in my mouth again as Eds cock entered me it was fantastic Ed pounded into my sodden fanny or ages before pulling out and coming over my arse. I then told Mike to lay on the floor and I straddled him slipping his cock into my well fucked hole. Slowly I began to ride Mike his eyes and mine constantly looking at each other his hands all over my tits, I was soon aware of Eds cock by my mouth and so I began to suck on it , this was all to much for Mike as he filled me with his sperm.

It was a fantastic night and the memories will stay with us all forever . Sadly there was no repeat performance, but even though Mike and I now have new partners we still have fantasies and we still meet for coffee.