Written by Rob 3

27 Jul 2007

Have just soaked myself in the bath....Earlier I went out to a well-known site(can let you know where).As it was so wet I was\'nt too sure whether anyone would be there.Anyway pulled in and parked up.There was only one other car..but after a few minutes of glances he pulled forward and revearsed back next to me.Nothing happened for a bit...but then I saw the reflection in his window...as his hand snaked slowly up and down his cock...I wound my window down..and made sure he knew exactly what I was doing!! He got out,glanced around and came over.As he got to my car and saw my cock I simply said,\'Show me!\'He unzipped and revealed his stiff ,cut cock..not too big and not too small.I asked him what he liked and he replied\'Fucking\'...I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock forward.Grasping him firmly I wanked him \'til he glistened ...and then I gently encircled the tip of his glans ...and began to very slowly suck.Wetting him further I tok his head in my mouth...He flexed ...and after a few moments I swiftly went down untill he filled my mouth...He gasped and I tasted him.Asking him where he\'d like to cum he just flushed and shook his head.I told him he could cum over my face,in my mouth,in between my legs...or inside me...!!.I knew which he\'d reply.I suggested we fuck in the car...but he motioned towards some bushes.We seperated, went in behind them.I dragged his pants down and sucking him again, realised he was \'to the limit.I pushed him back ,slipped my pants down,stood back and appreciated his hot eyes.He descended to his knees and sucked me beautifully.... I quickly came...but this was not the main event.Taking him and giving him a hot look..I turned round,leant against the wall...and opened my legs..He ran his hands all over me,sank to his knees and lubed me with his tongue...Standing up I leant furter forward and I felt his cock working in between my cheeks..too high.I bent forward and after a few moments he found my place ...and slid into me .It was wonderful..He was gentle but firm...his pace increased and ,encouraged my my moans ..filled me to capacity...spasming,gasping and spurting more than I imagined!......He stayed inside me for a few moments...and then withdrew..apologising for coming too quickly!!I just shook my head and reassured him...disposed of the condom...and arranged to meet again..... Am very happy to meet up with anyone who would like to enjoy such sex with me.Like to be safe...but would love to either receive bareback 1 to 1..with someone I feel I could trust....or maybe a group session???..Please get in touch...Rob.