Written by J&L

15 Jan 2011

At long last the kids have left home, both at Uni, and the two of us have the house to ourselves and holidays just as a couple. Lisa and I are in our early 40's and last autumn had two weeks in Fuerteventura. The best sex we'd had in years, relaxed, fucking like a pair of teenagers. Lisa had shaved her pussy, wearing a string which hid little and went topless, enjoying the freedom and sun on her exposed breasts pretending not to notice the men admiring her curvaceous body, particularly her large firm 38d tits. Being almost naked excited her, she enjoyed being watched, her pussy getting moist. Getting back to the apartment it was straight to the bedroom and we fucked imagining she was having sex with blokes she'd seen. This is a fantasy we had talked about in the past, Lisa having some intense orgasms when we fucked, using a vibrator at the same time to pretend she was taking two cocks. The opportunity to take things further had never occurred.

We had an apartment with a large sunny balcony which was well screened and only slightly overlooked by a balcony to one side, the floor about 4 feet above ours, the balcony walls having holes through the patterned concrete blocks. We'd been there several days and seen no one next door, Lisa was on the balcony sunbathing, rubbing sun cream on her legs, massaging it in to her tits before laying back, reading a book. She'd only been out there about 10 minutes before she came in and said she was being watched by a bloke on the balcony above who had moved so he could see her through one of the holes. I'd just come out the shower and as she told me my prick started to get stiff. I noticed her nipples were poking out hard and a little damp spot on her white string, obviously she was quite aroused. I told her I didn't blame him for wanting to look at her, adding that he was probably imagining fucking her. I couldn't resist sucking her nipples which always turns her on, at the same time wanking my cock. She suddenly said “Do you reckon he's wanking while he's watching me?” “I would be if I was him. I bet he's thinking about sliding his big hard cock in your tight pussy and fucking you until you cum” I told her, feeling a shiver through her body. We'd never been in a situation like this before. I reached between her legs, pulling the string to one side and felt her pussy. Her cunt was soaking with sex juices as I slipped a couple of fingers inside her. “You're turned on by him watching. But really want him to fuck you” I said. She quietly moaned, asking me not to stop finger fucking her. I've seldom felt her so wet and aroused and decided to see if she would go further. Whispering in her ear, I told her how sexy she was, telling her the bloke watching had a big hard cock and to imagine it in her tight pussy, fucking her. Her breathing quickened as I fingered her, telling her the bloke was fucking her, then suggesting she take the string off and go back on the balcony. She said she couldn't so I continued fingering her, telling her to relax, imagine his hard prick pumping her pussy, then felt her slipping the string down her long legs, kicking it away. I moved her until we were by the open balcony door, fingers still in her hole, rubbing her clitoris. She was getting close to cumming and I said “Go on. Go out. Lay on the lounger, open your legs so he can see your pussy”.

I stopped playing with her pussy, she looked at me for a moment, “Please don't stop. I'm nearly cumming”. I took her hand, placed it on her pussy, put my hand on top until I felt her fingers rubbing her clit, slipping into her soaking snatch. I know when she masturbates she gets so engrossed it can be like she's in a trance. I continued encouraging her, feeling her relax. Moving my hand to her bum I said “Go and finish off outside. You know you want him to watch you” She hesitated then, still stroking her pussy, wearing just a pair high heeled sandals, stepped out on to the balcony. I wondered how far she would dare go, hoping she was to aroused to stop. She stood by the lounger, facing the bloke, poured sun oil on her shoulders and tits. The lounger was partially reclined she sat on it and before laying back she poured oil on to her stomach and pussy. She smoothed the oil over her large firm tits, teasing her erect nipples, down over her stomach moving her hand closer and closer to her pussy until her fingers were on her smooth mound. My cock was rock hard and seemed to get even harder when she glanced over at me, smiled looking relaxed as she laid back, spreading her legs wide and exposing her pussy to the watching man. I could see her cunt open, shining with a mixture of sex juices and sun oil as she reached between her legs stroking her clit. Her cunt was slick and slippery, inserting two fingers she masturbated watched by the bloke from above. With her other hand squeezing her tits and nipples she moved her fingers faster in and out of her pussy, gasping loudly as she used her thumb on her clit. I could hear voices and moved a little and looked at the balcony next door, there were two men of about thirty leaning on the wall, enjoying Lisa's sex show. They called to her to lift her tits and suck her nipples, asked her to hold her cunt wide open, which she did. They wanted her to stick a finger up her arse and finger her pussy which she ignored, masturbating with all her fingers in her cunt. She suggested they get their cocks out and wank, before shutting her eyes, concentrating on masturbating for them. She must have wanked for about 15 minutes almost bringing herself to orgasm, two or three times, then slowing. Thrusting against her fingers as if being fucked, caressing her swollen clitoris, building back up until she withdrew her fingers, rubbing her clit until with a shudder and a long satisfied sigh she came. She slumped back, legs still wide open, hand resting on her cunt. One of the men called “Lick the cunt cream off your fingers”. She did as they wanted pushing her fingers in her cunt, soaking them in the sex juices streaming from her pussy and licking them clean. She did this several times, fingers in pussy then mouth, her fingers lingering longer in her hole, wanking again. She started stroking her clit, then sat up to reach a bottle of water. Drinking some she replaced the cap, spread her legs inserting the bottle tip in her cunt. She slowly pushed it in until the thickest part had stretched her sex fully open, pressing it fully inside her cunt until just the base was visible. They must have been able to see deep in her pussy through the clear plastic. Her cunt was so wet and slippery the bottle easily slid in and out, stretching her fuck hole. Bottle fucking herself she came again, quickly this time. She pulled the bottle from her gaping hole, poured the remaining water over her body and lay getting her breath.

I was desperate to fuck her and give her my spunk, but instead of coming back in she walked towards the balcony, talking to the men, while I fetched some shorts to hide my still stiff cock. Joining her outside I handed her the string, which she threw on the table saying “I don't think there's any point covering up now they've seen my cunt” (a word she never normally used), introducing me to Doug and Gary telling me they'd been trying to persuade her to go to their apartment so they could fuck her. When she'd gone out I really only expected her to give a quick flash, and back inside for a fuck. I never thought she would behave like this, performing sex acts for two blokes, going further than I hoped or even imagined in my fantasies. I noticed that she had one hand on her pussy, fingers idly stroking her clit almost as if she was unaware she was doing it. She teased them, telling them she might let them fuck her later. Laughing she said “After all that wanking I need a fuck but I'd better let John fuck me first judging by the state of his cock” reaching out and stroking the outline of my erect prick. She continued “Watch if you want” then to me “Fuck me here, on the balcony. I want them to watch us fuck” She was behaving like a slut, stone cold sober and clearly enjoying every moment, wanting to be fucked in front of two strangers, revealing or releasing a side of her she'd kept hidden or maybe she'd not even realised was there until this moment. I hesitated momentarily, “Come on. I need fucking now. My cunt needs a hard cock” Looking at me challengingly, sending a silent message if I didn't fuck her then she'd let them do her.

She pulled my shorts down stroking my erection, before crouching down, licking my balls and up the shaft to the tip. Taking me in her mouth, gently sucking my prick, careful not to make me cum. Releasing my cock she continued kissing and licking up my body, teasing my nipples before kissing me on the lips giving me a taste of her cunt juices. Her tits pressed hard against my chest, as I held her arse, drawing her closer. With her heels she was almost my height, raising herself she took my cock, placing it between her legs, rubbing her juicy pussy against my throbbing cock. We continued kissing, her breathing quickening until she stopped moving on my prick saying “I want your cock inside me. Fuck me now”. She turned around and bent over the table, positioning herself so Doug and Gary would be able to see my cock penetrating her cunt. I moved behind her, she used her hands to spread her cheeks and I slid my cock along her gaping gash. Neither of us cared by now that we were being watched, in fact we both agreed later we had found it a real turn on. My cock is about 6 inches long but quite thick, slipping inside her I made sure they could see Lisa's cunt stretching as she took me. I fucked her slowly, wanting to make it last, fully penetrating her then pulling out revealing her wet gaping pink sex hole. Lisa turned her head looking passed me at Doug and Gary then quietly asked me to stick a finger in her arse, usually a no-no. Lubricating a finger with saliva and cunt juice I worked it into her arse moving in and out in time with my cock. Pushing a second finger to her anus I worked it in finger fucking her arse hole. She raised her body, arching her back, heavy tits swinging as she reached between her legs, frigging her clitoris, grunting to me “Fuck me harder. I'm nearly there, make me cum”. Holding her hips I rammed my cock in her, shafting her deep and hard, unable to hold back any longer when she started to orgasm, her cunt muscles contracting, milking my cock as she cried out ”Yes, Yes. Oh god. Fuck me, fuck me. Cum in my cunt” I spunked in three hard spurts, two inside her the other over her bum when I pulled out. They were both still watching Lisa, bent over the table, my spunk dripping from her cunt, dangling between her legs in a milky string pooling in a puddle on the tiles. I helped her up and she turned to them with a smile on her face, asking them if they'd enjoyed watching and wanking. I hadn't noticed but one of them had shot his load through one of the holes, his spunk landing on our balcony wall. Lisa scooped it on to her fingers and licked them clean swallowing his cum. Before following me inside she told them “Take us out for drinks tonight and maybe I'll let you both fuck me”.

Unsurprisingly they agreed, arranging to meet us in a nearby bar at 9pm. She came in to the apartment, grinning from ear to ear “Oh god that was absolutely awesome, amazing. Really fantastic. I felt totally uninhibited, like in a dream. I can't believe I've just wanked and been fucked in front of two complete strangers” She asked if I'd enjoyed watching her, then being watched as we fucked. I told her I had and she'd been brilliant. I was already certain I wanted to see Lisa being taken by them and relieved she didn't regret what she'd done. Before I had a chance to ask if she was going to let them fuck her she excitedly said “We've never done anything like this before. Can I be a Slut and let them fuck me later?” Now sure she wanted them to fuck her, there was no chance of me refusing to let her. I told her “I'd love to see you enjoying other men, especially if I can fuck you afterwards” We discussed what had happened so far and how much further we were both willing to go, before showering ready to meet Doug and Gary, which seems a good place to stop. If you are interested I will continue the story another time and tell you what happened that night and in the following days.