Written by Steve

30 Oct 2010

I don't think either of us can explain exactly how Carol ended up being fucked by several young lads, a few drinks, one thing led to another. We'd played out the odd fantasy when we fucked and yes one of Carols was to have several blokes fuck her. At 44 she still has a fit body, has stayed slim, tits a nice hand full, 34c last time I checked and on holiday wears a skimpy bikini, goes topless, looks good and appreciates the admiring looks. At the beginning of September we went on holiday to Spain, had a pleasant corner apartment with a large balcony overlooking the beach, divided from the adjoining rooms by three frosted glass panels, a small gap between each. Not that it mattered as the apartment was unoccupied. We'd fucked on the balcony and Carol had taken her bikini off, sunbathing naked during the day.

We'd been there for about 4 days, been out for a meal and drunk a couple of bottles of wine then some shorts, before getting back around midnight. Carol was feeling frisky and stripped off as soon as we were through the door, going out on to the balcony, switching on the wall light before laying on one of the loungers. I fetched more drinks and undressed and sat watching her stroking her tits, pinching and playing with her small pale pink nipples. She knows I love to watch her masturbate before we fuck, her hand drifted down over her stomach, the fingertips brushing her trimmed ginger pubes until she was touching her clitoris. She pulled back the hood taking her clit between her fingers gently teasing it erect before rubbing it in circular movements. Using both hands she gripped her pussy lips pulling her cunt wide open then pushed her fingers in and out of her cunt, wanking. Her pussy was getting very wet, gaping open as she aroused herself, so I nipped into the bedroom and fetched her favourite vibrator, black, thick, about nine inches long and modelled on some porn stars prick. Switching it on I touched the tip on her clit and she took it from me slowly sliding it in to her cunt, adjusting the speed to high, the vibrating noise changing, getting louder and quieter as she fucked her pussy with it. When Carol masturbates she likes to draw it out, take things slowly and build up to an orgasm, plus the additional pleasure of putting on a dirty show for me before we fuck. She had been wanking for about ten minutes, legs wide, when suddenly, from behind me, I heard the scraping sound of a plastic chair being knocked. The noise could have only been from the next balcony and when I glanced over I could just make out the outline of four people, spying on Carol through the gaps in the glass screen. I turned to warn her realising as I did that she was aware she was being watched and probably had been for several minutes. Spreading her legs wider and staring at them, a smile on her face, she held the vibrator pushing it deep in her cunt then pulling it out holding against her clit before pushing it back in her hole, pulling it out licking it then plunging it back in to her cunt. Maybe I should have stopped her but I was as excited as her, knowing she was being watched masturbating and my already hard prick seemed to get even harder. When she called to them asking if they wanted to come around for a closer look I made no objection, when they said they did, getting up, wrapping a towel round me, to let them in the door.

Four young men only aged about 18 to 20, one of them a strapping black lad went out on the balcony standing watching Carol as she laid, still masturbating, her eyes going from one to the next as she put on a sex show for them. They all had noticeable bulges in their shorts, she called them closer reaching out and touching the outline of the nearest ones prick, as she continued wanking, sliding the black plastic cock in and out of her pussy. Her nipples poked out hard, her chest flushed, she licked her lips and told then to take their shorts off and show her their cocks. I'd never imagined she could behave like this, part of me wanted her to stop, but a more powerful urge was for her to continue. I'd be lieing if I said that I'd never imagined seeing her have sex with another man. She called me closer and said “Can I let them fuck me? Just this once”, my cock felt like it got even harder when I said “Yes. Go for it”. The four lads were stroking their erections, three of them about average size six inches or so, the fourth, the black lad more impressively endowed, about eight inches of solid meat. One of them said “Tony you can fuck her last otherwise our pricks won't feel her cunt”. Then they were on her, one got down between her legs, pulled the vibrator from her cunt and went down on her, lapping her dripping hole, sucking her clitoris. One either side concentrated on her tits, squeezing one each, pinching her nipples then sucking them. The lad between her legs lifted his head and said, “Fucking hell, for a cock slut her cunt tastes sweet, nice and juicy”, before diving back in. Although she was enjoying the attention her cunt and tits were getting, moving her pussy against his tongue her eyes were filled with lust, staring at Tony's big black prick. She'd turned her head and reached out weighing his heavy bollocks in her hand, gently squeezing them before moving to his shaft, trying to enclose his cock in her hand. She couldn't close her hand but pulled him closer until she could lick his glans. The bulbous dark purple head looked huge as she ran her tongue up the underside to the tip, flicking her tongue against the eye, tasting his pre cum. She pulled him closer, looked up at him and said, “Don't cum in my mouth. I want you to fuck me with this monster and cum in my pussy”. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the cock head between her lips and sucked. My prick was standing rigid, the towel fallen off, as I watched her, behaving like a slut, taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could manage. The lad licking her out wanted to fuck her and was trying to turn her over. She resisted at first, concentrating on cocksucking, then realised that if he fucked her from behind Tony could sit on the lounger while she sucked his prick, take more in her mouth. A quick change of position and she had a cock rammed straight in her cunt and went back down on Tony's cock. The lad fucking her was going at it fast and furious, slamming his cock in her hard, forcing more of Tony's cock in her mouth with each thrust. He didn't last long before he gave a couple of jerks and came, pulling out and replaced by one of his mates who slid his cock into her spunky cunt. At least this one took her more slowly, fucking her deep, and from where I was, could see her slick cunt juices dripping out each time he withdrew and slid his prick back in her sex hole. He also made her cum, her body shivering, tits swaying gasping as her orgasm took over and she stopped sucking Tony's cock. Not for long though, getting her breath she soon took him back in her mouth as the lad fucked her harder until her cunt received a second helping of spunk. The third lad almost pulled him off and buried his prick in her pussy and started to shaft her. Poking two fingers in her cunt covering them in her slippery juices he worked them in her arse. I'd never done that and she let out almost a growl of pleasure, from her throat, as she felt him first just touching her arse hole, then probing, before pushing them both up her arse, right to the knuckles. He finger fucked her arse rapidly, pumping his cock in her cunt, spunk running down her thighs as he fucked her. He had brought her almost to orgasm again when he called out he was going to cum. He quickly pulled out and using his fingers held her anus open pushed just his cock helmet in her arse and shot his load in her shitter. I'm not sure if she even realised exactly what he'd done, she wanted Tony's cock and she wasn't waiting any longer.

She'd been stroking his prick as he laid on the lounger, she moved on top of him until his cock was resting against her pussy. Holding his prick she lowered herself until she'd taken just the glans, her pale pink cunt flaps splayed either side of his fat black cock. He gave a couple of thrusts pushing more cock in her then she sat down on him his cock stretching her cunt as he penetrated her. Having just been fucked three times her cunt was well lubricated and she took him easily, six, seven inches then finally his full length. Impaled on his hard cock she rock back and fore, rubbing her clit against him, as she held her tits, squeezing them, playing with her nipples. She came just by rubbing against him then lifted herself up until just his cock end was in her pussy, then down, her cunt stretching again as his cock penetrated her. She did this several times her eyes shut, breathing more heavily, giving a little sigh each time she took him fully. The last time he held her waist and keeping her still thrust up in to her cunt. Ramming his prick hard in to her receptive cunt, almost forcing the breath from her as he pubes banged against her cunt. She is usually fairly quiet when we fuck but she was calling out for him to fuck her hard, to stuff her cunt with his beautiful black cock then just as she came, begging him to cum inside her to give her his spunk. They must have fucked for 10 or 15 minutes, spunk and juices running from her cunt, displaced by his large member, dangling in a creamy string from her pussy and pooling on the lounger, dripping on the floor. That was before he came, he thrust in to her hard, four or five times grunting as he did, ejaculating each time. I'd been wanking the whole time and as they both came I shot a stream of spunk all over her back. I'd read about men watching their wife being fucked and now realised what an incredibly arousing and erotic sight it was. She lay on top of Tony with his cock still inside her kissing him, sticking her tongue in his mouth nibbling his lip then I heard her tell him she wanted him to fuck her again. He told her she'd have to wait until he was hard again. I lifted her off his cock and a flood of spunk poured from her gaping hole, she giggled, clamping a hand over her pussy, heading for the shower. I told the lads to show themselves out as soon as they dressed and went to wait for Carol in bed.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was light and I was alone. I checked the apartment, no sign of Carol, opened the patio doors on to the balcony and listened. There was the unmistakeable sound of a woman being fucked and enjoying it. A look around the end of the glass partition confirmed it was Carol, she was on a bed, Tony fucking her doggy, two lads I hadn't seen the night before, in front of her as she sucked their cocks. One of them saw me and said something to Tony, He replied loudly enough for me to hear “Ignore him. It's only the white sluts old man. He likes watching the whore being fucked”. I should have been angry but the thing is he's right.

Carol eventually came back to the apartment about 10 am. She must have timed it well, no one about as she knocked on our door standing naked in the corridor, her cunt red and puffy, her thighs wet with sex juices as I let her in. She told me that I’d been sleeping after she'd showered and Tony had invited her next door for another fuck, she couldn't resist taking his cock again. I asked who the other two lads were and found out that there were six staying in the apartment. “How many times were you fucked last night then?” She started to count, all six had fucked her at least once probably twice, Tony had fucked her three times for definite and had just fucked her again before she came back. Her request to let them fuck her “just this once” became just this once each day, although that first night was the only time she let them all fuck her.

We've been home for six weeks now and Carol has been dropping hints, suggesting it would be nice if we could find a nice lad with a big cock to fuck her. Just once more and she'll be happy she says. I know that once more won't be enough for her now or for me.