Written by lucky old man

13 Jul 2007

Last night we went out for a meal to celibrate our wedding aniversery. The wife was all dressed up to turn me on, just as I like her in stockings and sussies with a button fronted shirt dress.

All went well with the meal and before desert the wife went to the loo. On her return I was told she had figered herself to the first orgasam of the night!

On leaving the resturont we headed for the motorway (M1) at this point the dress was open and a vibrator was hammering her cunt like there was no tomorrow!

As is my wont at times like this I had to share this sight so at the first chance I pulled up along side a lorry, I dont know if he was tired or went the other way but he showed no interest so I moved on to the second lorry down the road, Bingo, did this driver show interested or what, lights flashing and horn sounding I had no choice but to stay allong side until my wife (and posslble the lorry driver ) had orgasomed again.

We did this for two more drivers on the way home at which point we turned of the motorway and went home for my turn which started with a great blow job and then carried on with her on top ridding me like no tomorrow whilst telling me it should have been the last driver who should have had the blow job and not me as she had allways fancied a mouth full of black cock and he was just the type she,d love to try well maybe next time.