Written by scrum5

8 Dec 2012

Myself and Kath have agreed that every month we would meet up just to have fun in a Motel. Last week we met, and we went to the room undressed and just kissed and fondled each other, on the bed. We then took time out to drink some wine.

Kath then lay on her side so I could play with her cunt, while she took my cock in her mouth, she sucked me, licked and chewed on my cock. I had at least 3 fingers up her and she was soaking,she then stopped sucking me and startd to rub her clit. She was rubbing while I had my fingers up her, and she came loudly, soaking my hand.

I then mounted her, and stuck my prick up her and fucked her till I came and she had a second climax. We stopped for a while to drink some more wine, she then proceeded to spray cream over my dick and stomach, and licked all the cream off, I did the same to her with cream over her tits and cunt lips.If only her students could see her, lying there with her legs spread and her tits and cunt on veiw.

In the next meeting, she has promised to let me fuck her bum, and to take some photos, only if she wears a mask or blindfold. She has also said she would go to work without any pants on, so she could have a quick rub in her office. I will write soon about our next meeting, and hopefully it will get better and bette.