Written by GD

11 May 2009

In 1997, I was 30 and, having been made redundant, was studying hard retraining at college. I soon found a little part-time job to help make ends meet. It was an easy enough job, manning a desk five evenings a week and calling in for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings to complete a bit of paperwork.The job was in a large and busy college building, and I soon got to know the cleaners and security staff with whom I had most of my dealings.

One evening, the cleaners were stood by my desk having handed in their keys and were waiting for their supervisor to tell them to be on their way home. Two of the women were discussing their underwear, for some reason, and I found myself blushing.

Kath, our security lady, stopped by and joined in, obviously noticing that I was getting all hot and bothered by all the talk of bras and basques. Kath was 47 at the time, with a medium figure, short light brown hair and wore glasses.

As the cleaning ladies made their way out, Kath suddenly called out my name. I looked up and when I did Kath quickly pulled down her uniform slacks to show her knickers. They were pink cotton full knickers and my eyes popped out on stalks. "What do you think of MY bloomers, luv?" she asked. After three or four seconds, Kath pulled her slacks back up and zipped up her flies before striding off, giggling. Well, I spent the rest of the evening with my cock stiff and throbbing, and I had a gorgeous wank when I finally got home.

I didn't see Kath for the next few nights, but when I popped into the security office on Saturday morning, Kath greeted me, and put the kettle on. As I sipped my tea, Kath sat down and asked me if I'd recovered from the other night. I went red, and Kath giggled. "Did you like my bloomers?" I turned beetroot and confessed that, yes, I did. She giggled and said she knew that I had by the look on my face. "Gave you the horn, didn't I?" There was no sense in pretending otherwise. She said that she knew I couldn't wait to get home, and then lay back in her chair and made the wanking movement with her hand, smirking.

Kath stood up and undid her slacks before pulling them down to her knees, revealing a pair of cream deep-sided knickers. "You can have a better look now we're in private", she said. My mouth was so dry and my cock was rigid and throbbing. "Come on", said Kath, drop your pants luve and let me see your underpants". I had nothing to lose, and I complied, letting my trousers down and showing Kath my white Y-fronts, which were tented out by my erection.

I've only got a small cock, four and a half inches fully erect, but Kath's eyes were popping out. She felt the bump of my cock through my underpants, grasped my elastic and slowly peeled them down. My stiff cock popped up and kath cooed with delight. "Ooooh, luv, you ARE pleased to see me!"

She closed her hand around my shaft and began to wank me gently. I moaned with pleasure. Kath whispered in my ear that she had wanted to do this for ages and had fancied me since I started working there. She and were knelt down in frnt of each other with our trousers down. Kath began to speed up her wanking asking me if I liked it and if her knickers turned me on. I could hardly speak I was so excited. "Look at my bloomers, luv, look at my bloomers and shoot your spunk!" I could not hold back and climaxed, with five or six jets of spunk shooting from my throbbing cock all over the carpet and Kath's thighs.

As I collapsed, breathless and in heaven, Kath confessed that she had really enjoyed flashing her knickers since she was young and that she simply adored wanking blokes off. She also confessed that small cocks really turned her on and that wanking a cock the size of mine made her feel like she was being very dominant.

Kath and I enjoyed many happy Saturday mornings, always with her flashing her knickers and then wanking me silly. It never went further than that, no snogging, no shagging . . . I never even got to see her boobs or fanny, just her knickers. I was not going to complain, though, as her expert hand relief made me come so hard I would often almost faint.

This odd but very satisfactory arrangement carried on for the next few months, happening every time Kath's shift brought her to the office on Saturday mornings. Sadly, she was reassigned to another, rather distant, part of the campus and our paths didn't cross again.

I know that the story of our arrangement cannot compete with some of the spectacular orgies and whatnot that some of the people here report, but it at least has the advantage of being completely true.